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July 11, 2015

I’ve known Logan for 9 years now which is why I was so ecstatic when he called to tell me the good news…. and that the wedding was conditional on my availability ;).  Cindy and Logan, who live SLC, flew into town to stay with us for a few days and try some “experimental photography”.   We had some serious fun in water despite losing a few items including an Iphone, and Cindy’s white heels.  Our goal was to climb a nearby water tower, but it seems the authorities have smartened up locked it down – but I’ve always been a believer that the best pictures are in how you make the most of your environment.   It’s amazing how much you can do within 5 min from my house in Mission Viejo.    It was GREAT getting to know Cindy and Cathy and I couldn’t be happier for this perfect match – FYI – Reluctantly, Cindy and Logan were blindly set up by a relative (Dentist who thought his patient Cindy had nice teeth).  Looking forward to flying out to their wedding in Bountiful Utah come August!

—- PART I ——

Viejo Engagement Photography, water tower and Lake

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——-  Part II ——-


These two could be part time modelsLCEng322-Edit  LCEng367-EditLCEng350 LCEng377 LCEng416-Edit LCEng435 LCEng449

These red pumps make this my favorite shot of the day.

LCEng452-Edit LCEng480-Edit


March 22, 2015

Noel Starr had always wanted 4 simple things for her future proposal….  Laguna Beach, Sunset, Fireworks, and a professional photographer.  Friday night Cameron flew down from Utah to fulfill her childhood dream and surprise the love of his life with a ring…   It was one of the most challenging and awesome shoot situations I’ve had…  Long shutter, 3 light sources to balance, a 3 second window with no opp for adjustments…  and it had to be EPIC.   Glad I was part of the equation and that it actually worked!! Congratulations you guys!!



Laguna Beach Proposal Laguna Beach Proposal PE6A3775-Edit PE6A3790-Edit Laguna Beach Proposal Laguna Beach Proposal

February 25, 2015

Donny & Suzie’s last minute wedding (I had one days notice) was definitely one of my most memorable weddings! This gorgeous couple had a simple elopement at the Laguna Hills Clerks office and the we hit the hills near newport beach for a amazing sunset portrait session.  Grateful i got to be their witness AND their photographer!  We’ll be doing another country theme shoot in the spring…  can’t wait to hang with Mr and Mrs Robins again!  Oh and if you think they look familiar you may be a country dance fan and have seen Donny Robins dance videos.  These guys win some pretty serious competitions together.


Orange County Elopement Newport Alisio Viejo Laguna HillsDS1251-EditDS1249 DS1263 DS1269-Edit Orange County Elopement Newport Alisio Viejo Laguna Hills Orange County Elopement Newport Alisio Viejo Laguna Hills Orange County Logo County clerk elopement DS1299 Love Grid Elopement DS1344-Edit DS1351-Edit DS1355-Edit Orange County Elopement Newport Alisio Viejo Laguna Hills  Field newport beach wedding yellow flowers elopement Field newport beach wedding yellow flowers elopement Field newport beach wedding yellow flowers elopement Field newport beach wedding yellow flowers elopement DS1442-Edit DS1454 DS1447-Edit DS1461-Edit DS1467-Edit DS1473-Edit Field newport beach wedding yellow flowers elopement Field newport beach wedding yellow flowers elopement

January 1, 2015

Some day, years from now, when my memory starts to fade, I will look back through these images and my heart will fill to bursting. The passion I feel for photography is drawn from my love of capturing the magical moments in life. Those fleeting seconds that make up the most important and intimate parts of our lives. The smiles and laughs. Even the tears. Thousands of them pass us by every day. Some we remember. Most we forget. But they mold us into who we are and how we see the world.  One of my greatest blessings in life is the ability I’ve gained to see life behind a lens, even when I may not have one with me. I hope to be able to always allow life to grab me so deeply. It’s a choice we make. Everyone can do it. My goal is to keep “seeing”. And to make 2015 more fantastic than ever.

And what better way to rock the holidays than spending three weeks in the busting metropolis of Floyd, Virginia? Don’t be fooled by the first two pictures (our last hurrah at home to see A Christmas Carol at South Coast in Orange County). The rest of this post is goin’ country! Best memories include tractor rides with the kids, Roo Roo the rooster chasing (and attacking several of us), clogging with Cath at the country store on Friday nights, Christmas lights twinkling over the blue ridge mountains, waking the kids up to hear Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve (yes, it’s true), and having free time to spend with my wife and her new Christmas bangs. We even made new friends and spent an evening at a farm cabin, circa 1700s with their 7 kids and a really cool treehouse. All in all, a magical Christmas where I fell in love with my family all over again.

PE6A2560-Edit PE6A2670-Edit-Christmas

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PE6A1129 PE6A1537 PE6A1527 PE6A1520 PE6A1497 PE6A1485 PE6A1462 PE6A1452 PE6A1440 PE6A1419  PE6A1401 PE6A1399PE6A1405 PE6A1395 PE6A1392 PE6A1388 PE6A1361 PE6A1338 PE6A1323 PE6A1304 PE6A1296 PE6A1279 PE6A1272 PE6A1269 PE6A1258 PE6A1223 PE6A1199 PE6A1183 PE6A1176 PE6A1149 PE6A1135

PE6A1576PE6A1584 PE6A1673 PE6A1639 PE6A1618 PE6A1610 PE6A1727 PE6A1804 PE6A1731 PE6A1739 PE6A1813PE6A1829 PE6A2032 PE6A2042 PE6A1922 PE6A1987 PE6A1955 PE6A1974 PE6A2067-2PE6A2074 PE6A2076 PE6A2325 PE6A2260-Edit-bw PE6A2247 PE6A2174-Edit-Family-Final PE6A2353-Edit PE6A2370 PE6A2545 PE6A2779 PE6A2637 PE6A2847 PE6A2872 PE6A2891 PE6A2916-Edit PE6A2974 PE6A2926 PE6A2947 PE6A3044 PE6A3060 PE6A3069

January 1, 2015

2014 has been such a rad year for us… from Connecticut beach clubs to Arizona Orange Groves to San Diego wine country we’ve had some of our best weddings this year.  Soo many images to choose from, but here are a few of my personal favorites…  Can’t wait to bring in the new year with style from the back woods of Floyd VA!

Dana Point Harbor Bridals

 Salt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception  Salt Lake Grand American Wedding ReceptionSalt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception Salt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception

PE6A6968-Edit  PE6A7233-EditSalt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception Maderas Golf Club

Maderas Golf Club rancho bernardo inn WeddingBP3_6172 PE6A9811-Edit  South Coast Winery Wedding South Coast Winery WeddingSouth Coast Winery Wedding

1920140_10152463022212959_2619368907764023392_nTemecula South Coast Winery Photography PE6A0590PE6A1225 PE6A5795-Edit-Edit PE6A5228-Edit  San Diego LDS Temple Wedding PhotographyPE6A9981

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