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Some day, years from now, when my memory starts to fade, I will look back through these images and my heart will fill to bursting. The passion I feel for photography is drawn from my love of capturing the magical moments in life. Those fleeting seconds that make up the most important and intimate parts of our lives. The smiles and laughs. Even the tears. Thousands of them pass us by every day. Some we remember. Most we forget. But they mold us into who we are and how we see the world.  One of my greatest blessings in life is the ability I’ve gained to see life behind a lens, even when I may not have one with me. I hope to be able to always allow life to grab me so deeply. It’s a choice we make. Everyone can do it. My goal is to keep “seeing”. And to make 2015 more fantastic than ever.

And what better way to rock the holidays than spending three weeks in the busting metropolis of Floyd, Virginia? Don’t be fooled by the first two pictures (our last hurrah at home to see A Christmas Carol at South Coast in Orange County). The rest of this post is goin’ country! Best memories include tractor rides with the kids, Roo Roo the rooster chasing (and attacking several of us), clogging with Cath at the country store on Friday nights, Christmas lights twinkling over the blue ridge mountains, waking the kids up to hear Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve (yes, it’s true), and having free time to spend with my wife and her new Christmas bangs. We even made new friends and spent an evening at a farm cabin, circa 1700s with their 7 kids and a really cool treehouse. All in all, a magical Christmas where I fell in love with my family all over again.

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Every year I think I’m going to do Mini-Sessions but I always end up getting overwhelmed by summer editing catch-up.  This year I took some dedicated family time in Oregon and so I’m feeling great and ready to give some dedicated time to you!  I already have a few slots booked so please let me know ASAP if you want to get in on the fun.  I’ll have my awesome photographer friend Sarah Rico along too who is way more patient with kids than I ;).  AND if I play my cards right my wife Cathy will be there assisting too.  The main goal of the shoot is to get a few solid family poses and a quick individual of each kid…  Feel free to call if you are reading this on your cell and driving (shame on you) – 714-788-1522.    Please come a 15 minutes before your shoot time since there is a little walk down to the beach – If you haven’t been there it’s really lovely, one of my new favorites – TableRock Beach in South Laguna.  **Family size limited to 5 – sorry!


Cant wait to see you there!

Cheers – Kris


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Remember these two ADORABLE HUMANS…They are adding to their adorableness!TS162 TS013We were honored to shoot Taylor and Chase’s beautiful wedding a year and a half ago at the San Diego Temple.  Because they live outside of California, we were unable to schedule a time to do an anniversary shoot, so when they called and asked if we would shoot their SURPRISE baby announcement for their family, we squealed with girlish excitement.  We all met at the Santa Ana River for a session filled with perfect sunlight, sweet smiles and even some hooting and hollering of the passersby that were ALMOST as excited as we were.  Don’t worry, we waited (albeit IMPATIENTLY) for them to deliver the surprise before posting so we haven’t given anything away.TS159-Edit TS124-Edit TS023-Edit

How STINKIN.CUTE. are these signs that Taylor made?!?!?!

There is always something about the authentic love of childhood friends turned high school sweethearts that encapsulates each and every moment in the lives of those who are lucky enough to experience and Taylor and Chase are the very definition of that kind of love.   It goes without saying that their sweet baby will enter this world full of the same joy their mommy and daddy have for one another. TS074-Edit-bw TS049-Edit TS103-Edit TS042-Edit

Congratulations Taylor and Chase!  Thank you for romping around in the river with us!  We couldn’t be happier for your sweet growing family!

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One Year Flashback

One Year

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I LOVE when families are looking for a little creativity and fun (or just go along with my shenanigans). The Masons and their SIX kids were a blast. Just look at them! Who wouldn’t have fun doing this shoot? It doesn’t hurt that they are all so photogenic either :) A GREAT day with the Mason family. Thanks guys. Love the pics!

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3850



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3970

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3902


Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_4060-2 IMG_3858-Edit