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5:52 pm

IMG_6192 baby eccleptic photography

Can’t get enough of this one!  He stayed awake for the whole shoot, but when we took him outside and placed him in the plants, he drifted off.  Don’t ask…  adorable baby huh?!


5:54 am

What can I say.. one of the coolest families in HB really put me to the challenge to find a location that matched their coolness.  Someday I’m hoping to actually buy something from this supply yard.. like a tree or a pile of dirt mabye.   So the Terry’s pulled this off nicely with their veteran poses and sweet bold T’s.  We took tons of poses in the quick hour of morning sun and I could have shot all day if they didn’t have lifeguard camp and wetsuits to sell.  Steve runs Aleeda Wetsuits ( I own 3 of them)  which manufactures quality custom suits…  make sure you hit up his next sale.    Can’t wait to see what they pick for their family room mantle.

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6:11 am

How beautiful is she!? Kris and I had such a blast shooting Kirsten at one of our favorite “secret” locations 😉 Haha. Besides the awesome backdrops and surroundings, Kirsten is incredibly photogenic as you can see for yourself. And not only that, she’s a total sweetheart and super fun. I wish I had a younger brother. I’d BEG her to go out with him.

YAY! Congrats, Kirsten! High school is almost over! Be free!!! :)




6:37 am

Just wanted to throw a few of my favorite shots of Jennifer’s famiy.  We had a of fun posing Grandma (not pictured for sake of embarrasment) and feeding the ducks.  




6:57 pm

Our good friends the Blads were over shooting babies with us, and I just had to grab  a few shots of his eyes…   awsome –