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6:44 am

Can I just first say how  lucky i am to have an amazing wife who looks after, cooks for, cuddles, and then Mt bikes with her 3 boys!  (well once they get older.  This road trip was just what we needed to remind of us of how fun life can be when you just get out of the house and do something different.

It has been so much to look over and over images from this trip.  From the house we stayed in with the hammock swing, to the breathtaking views of cathedral valley and dead horse point – to the killer mt biking we did.  If i could just somehow just get paid to take pictures of my family on back to back vacations all around the world, I would never work another day of my life.   I leave on these trips thinking I won’t pull out the camera unless It’s just too cute or beautiful to resist… then i end up shooting the whole time.    It’s such a rewarding passion.  These images will be seen by my grandkids of their parents and the adventures they went on.  I also make a yearly family photo adventure book of all our trips and memories on Blurb.  If you look my up Kris Sundberg on facebook you can see the rest of the images.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9677

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9702

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9645

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9725

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9733

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9753

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9759

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9768

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9787

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9803

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9817

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9818

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9840

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9849

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9867

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9896

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9915

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9961

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9962

OK – story time – This is our FAVORITE trail.  I dropped Cathy off with the lightnight storm in the background approaching and told her she’d be fine.  I head out with the kids in the car to go meet her at the end of the trail and it starts to rain.   She makes it down before I could even drive there!  no cuts or blood – just an out of breath, ” You HAVE to ride this!”  not wanting to be shown up… “alright, i guess we have time.”   When we get back to the trail head it is now pouring sheets of rain –  I swap the peddles and cath gets a shot from the car window.  It’s a 6 mile downhill bomb after a half mile climb against the whipping wind. Only trail in the country worth the torture…Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9968

4:43 am

OK – Here’s an example of the power of a little photoshop to make a non-sharp picture of Tofer look sharp again.    This shot was taken from on a the canon L 50mm 1.2 lens  at F2.0.  Tof was moving and I missed the focus on his eyes – where I always try to focus. If the eye looks sharp… everything else will be overlooked for portraits.

The first shot is super low contrast and zoomed in to really show off the horrible focus.  Keep reading – you will be amazed.

tofer sharper orig (1 of 1)

The next shot is just using Lightroom’s sharpening slider – but photoshop has Smart Sharpen under the filter drop down which works great too.   WOW what a difference.

tofer sharper (1 of 1)

Finally if I sharpen and add some contrast to the eyes… look how the eyes stand out.  Would you say this is out of focus?  Not the best, but I don’t feel so embarrassed by my crappy image.


Viola!  So when you are down and out B/c you can’t figure out why your images don’t look razor sharp out of the box, well – don’t give up!

7:51 am

I have some great posts coming up, but never enough time in the evening to get them up.  I came across this image of Cathy and my boy Tofer swinging under our favorite live Oak tree at grandma’s house and I just felt so re-aligned with what my priorities are and my love for my family.   I have such an amazing wife.  She makes up for all my shortcomings and much more.  I love the kinship between her and Tof.  I see all the weight of the world in the dark and tangling branches above – never ending and never resolved…  then there’s this quiet moment, a single connection between two different generations, suspended from all the cares of the world and the ground that feeds it.  It’s all about relationships and family.  about spending time with those that mean the most and teaching them how to do the same.   Thank you Cathy for all the hours you’ve spent just sitting with our children – that may just be the best use of time after all.


7:43 am

Having our second child has been a crazy ride   The ride would be a little smoother if Charlie didn’t have a piercing cry that he unleashes every night starting at about midnight and off and on until I go to work.  Cathy has been amazing with juggling everything and keeping her spirits high.  I took her out for the herb crusted Chilean sea bass at our favorite restaurant,  Pascals, last night, and let me just say, each and every bite was like putting a hot washcloth to your face on a long flight.    We melted in the sage butter cream seafood sauce and danced amongst the french herbs and baked tomato bed.    Just image us closing our eyes after every bite, bc that is what really happened…  well i could go on and on about the sea bass so  please take someone special there and thank me later.  IMG_2226 It was the perfect evening. We had the fine cheese platter, a few interesting courses and a decadant apple tart dessert.   Did i mention we had Pascal himself cook this special meal on our wedding night for just the two of us?  It was the same eact dish.  Took us back to that unforgettable evening.  I was worried that the emotion of the wedding day may have influenced the memory of our fondness of the dish, but no, alas, the dish is still the most perfect combination of flavors  and textures.   Just like Cathy is the perfect combination of all the things good and praiseworthy in a companion :) I’m still the luckiest.  Thanks for being my Valentine Honey!


oh and i also wore a wig…  a long blond wig.  Sorry to embarrass you honey.  Some evenings are just too special to pass up opportunities like this.


6:08 am

It all started on a fine California winter morning.  The birds were chirping, bees were humming, and small children were gathering in our yard to see if Tofer could play.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6653

With 5 capable babysitters, we were ready to head to the Irvine Keiser Hospital

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9586

Mother Catherine, all suited up, waits for her inevitable fate…. Goodbye beautiful world

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9608

With barf bin in hand, she confronts the strengthening storm like a well seasoned sailor.  She’s rounded this Cape before

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9622

All of the sudden contractions are off the charts…. birth is eminent…  no tuning back now.   “Someone get the Dr!!”

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9626

30 minutes later lay the 9 lb bruised and mishapen son, who after 9 months of darkness can barely stand the heat lights.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9643

The first look  (dad’s got a cold)

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9670

The next morning Tofer and Grandma come to meet the prize.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9722

Not much of a prize for Tofer after all.  “It doesn’t even have wheels, and when i crash my cars into it, mom gets pretty mad.  ”

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9739

But He does make some funny faces

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9754

And sleep  all day long

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0980

And sleep

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0989

And look around in between for possible attacks from his new brother

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1015

Although Dad couldn’t get the Nude baby Bohemian shot he was going for, you can image the joy his family must feel to have such a prize born, all on a fine winter day.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0962