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5:46 pm


We are going to blow your Lightroom world!   If you have an SLR and are wondering how the heck do I make my pics sing and dance

without hours of photoshopping, you will not want to miss this.  I will show you how to unleash Lightroom (and a little bridge in case you aren’t ready for the switch)

to make edits like below in under 30 seconds.  We will spend a good amount of time actually having YOU do these actual edits in Lightroom on your own images,

and the ones I have sampled here.  Bring a laptop if you can and go to to download a 30 day trial version.  You will leave ready to start using

Lightroom to make a HUGE difference in how your images look and feel.    Stay tuned for an itinerary next week.

You need to email me ASAP to get more registration info –  Contact Kris – GO GO  GO!!!

Here are some before and Afters – strictly from Lightroom

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2083-2 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2083

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9397 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9397-2

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2048-2 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2048

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0501-2 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0501

4:43 am

OK – Here’s an example of the power of a little photoshop to make a non-sharp picture of Tofer look sharp again.    This shot was taken from on a the canon L 50mm 1.2 lens  at F2.0.  Tof was moving and I missed the focus on his eyes – where I always try to focus. If the eye looks sharp… everything else will be overlooked for portraits.

The first shot is super low contrast and zoomed in to really show off the horrible focus.  Keep reading – you will be amazed.

tofer sharper orig (1 of 1)

The next shot is just using Lightroom’s sharpening slider – but photoshop has Smart Sharpen under the filter drop down which works great too.   WOW what a difference.

tofer sharper (1 of 1)

Finally if I sharpen and add some contrast to the eyes… look how the eyes stand out.  Would you say this is out of focus?  Not the best, but I don’t feel so embarrassed by my crappy image.


Viola!  So when you are down and out B/c you can’t figure out why your images don’t look razor sharp out of the box, well – don’t give up!