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8:03 pm

Remember these two ADORABLE HUMANS…They are adding to their adorableness!TS162 TS013We were honored to shoot Taylor and Chase’s beautiful wedding a year and a half ago at the San Diego Temple.  Because they live outside of California, we were unable to schedule a time to do an anniversary shoot, so when they called and asked if we would shoot their SURPRISE baby announcement for their family, we squealed with girlish excitement.  We all met at the Santa Ana River for a session filled with perfect sunlight, sweet smiles and even some hooting and hollering of the passersby that were ALMOST as excited as we were.  Don’t worry, we waited (albeit IMPATIENTLY) for them to deliver the surprise before posting so we haven’t given anything away.TS159-Edit TS124-Edit TS023-Edit

How STINKIN.CUTE. are these signs that Taylor made?!?!?!

There is always something about the authentic love of childhood friends turned high school sweethearts that encapsulates each and every moment in the lives of those who are lucky enough to experience and Taylor and Chase are the very definition of that kind of love.   It goes without saying that their sweet baby will enter this world full of the same joy their mommy and daddy have for one another. TS074-Edit-bw TS049-Edit TS103-Edit TS042-Edit

Congratulations Taylor and Chase!  Thank you for romping around in the river with us!  We couldn’t be happier for your sweet growing family!

12:55 am

Meet Gemma and Christian…They make love look GOOD! CG069-EditCG006-Edit“Thank Heaven for meddling Parents and blind dates,” said Gemma to her “chance” meeting of Christian at a dinner party.  Did we mention that this “chance” meeting took place while Gemma was on vacation…C’MON!!! if that doesn’t make for that forever -n-ever kind of love, we.don’t.know.what does. Unfortunately Christian waited too long to call for that second date and Gemma was packed and ready to head back to California.  One would think that their love story would end here, especially since she didn’t want someone who had been in the military and he had no interest in blondes but Christian was HOOKED (I mean how could he not be, Gemma is GORGEOUS).  Within two months Christian made the move to California to win her over with his Texan manners and charm.  Win her over he did, although Gemma credits this mostly to his thick lustrous hair and we have to agree on this this point, seriously have you ever seen such locks?!?!?!  And so began a love that crossed miles and preferences and we couldn’t be more happy for this beautiful couple.
CG020-Edit CG048-Edit CG195-Edit CG074-Edit CG052-Edit CG103 CG136-Edit CG095-Edit CG188-Edit There is nothing sweeter than the way a man looks at the love of his life in those candid simple moments that true love often bringsCG220-Edit CG059-Edit CG158-Edit CG165-Edit CG180-Edit CG235-Edit

Could these two be anymore PERFECT?!?! We.Think.Not.
CG240-Edit CG251-Edit

We ended the session with a little bit of fire, water and a whole lot of love!
CG272-Edit CG283-EditThank you Gemma and Christian for adventuring around with us and letting us play with fire…so close to your heads…while standing in a lake…at night but most of all thank you for sharing your story with us, we can’t wait to capture the moments that begin your love as husband and wife.

5:31 am

Meet Emily and Christian…They are getting married and THEY.ARE.AWESOME.


One cannot help but notice a guy in full face and chest paint, I mean there really is no other way to cheer on your college soccer team or meet your future bride.  Go big or go home, am I right?  As it turns out, body paint and college athletics are the perfect recipe for friendship. It wasn’t until eight months later at an Angel’s baseball game that Christian officially asked Emily to be his girlfriend and so began a two and a half year journey including studying together in Europe where Christian was able channel his inner soccer cheerleading skills once again.   Christian proposed this past October on the 18th hole and BE couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to be a part of their amazing story.


I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful set of peepers?!?!?!DC008-Edit DC272-Edit DC158 DC140-Edit DC258-Edit DC129

There is something so enchanting about sitting in the golden sun under an old tree with the person you love.  DC139-Edit

“There’s something on your face…here let me get that for you.”DC168 DC022-Edit DC191-Edit DC229 DC200-Edit DC203-Edit DC306-Edit

These two just ooze love, that forever and ever kind of love.DC184-Edit DC275-Edit DC338-Edit DC343-EditCONGRATULATIONS Emily and Christian.  Thank you for playing in the grass and climbing trees with us!  We CANNOT wait for your beautiful backyard wedding!

4:47 am

Romantic and Perfect. We had so much fun with Julia and Mike and we are so happy we got a chance to throw high fives with them on their wedding day.

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001819.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001895.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001824.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001942.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001897.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001857.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001926.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_0001951.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011028.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011079.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011077.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011090.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011098.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011159.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011228.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011253.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011258.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011270.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011291.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011300.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011316.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011337.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011421.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011353.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011342.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011442.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011447.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011452.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011409.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011177.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011178.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011168.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011166.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011181.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011174.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011191.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011194.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011115.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011117.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011125.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011218.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011129.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011456.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011468.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011500.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011503.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011532.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011535.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011534.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011538.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011539.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011542.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011550.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011222.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011588.jpg

 photo BEMikeJulia_00011594.jpg

5:58 am

Kissa and Shane had one of their first dates here – so it was only appropriate we went to the newport wedge to shoot their engagements.  Had a blast – so many fun props  – here are a few of my fav’s- Looking forward to Dec for the wedding!  Find more on the BurntExposure FB page.