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We are 3 individually published photographers who have teamed up to offer a truly unique experience for Brides with Style. (no doubt awesome brides can compensate for the guys). This is not your traditional Photography operation. From our unconventional shooting style, to our edgy lighting, to our ridiculous + high energy personalities, Your story will be BOLD BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Together we will make magic on your wedding day!!

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3:24 am

We had so much fun with Amber and Kurt. They rocked!! We are so happy that we got to be apart of their amazing wedding day.

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11:53 pm

This was a rad and challenging shoot at the same time. On the way down from Utah Shea “Encountered” a fist to the face and ended up with a black eye… Needless to say, Krissy and Shea wanted go ahead with the shoot anyway. They came…we had fun…I hid his black eye the best I could…we took awesome pictures…Enjoy!
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3:12 am

A few weeks ago we got the awesome opportunity to shoot a really rad couple. Rocking out on with Jeremy and McKenzie on their BIG DAY was such a blast. The McCormick family never ceases to blow our minds with their amazing reception themes. McKenzie chose a circus theme and it could not have been more perfect in every detail. This was a beautiful day for such a beautiful bride and gnarly-cool groom. Congrate Jeremy and McKenzie!
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10:43 pm

It’s sooo fun to shoot and hang out with a couple that is totally crazy for each other.  Their “love at first sight” story started when he first laid eyes on her walking towards him after church on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Riely, who by the way is responsible for all the wedding decorations for their incredible back yard wedding, is just oozing happiness all the time.  She is strong but gives Alex the pleasure of being her protector… I really felt that in the photos. From Engagements to the final exit I LOVED being a part of their love story. Hair and Makeup by my new friend, Dee from Swell Beauty (the classic, vintage style was a perfect fit to her wedding style).  ALWAYS a fun time working with the  talented and hilarious videographer Benni Ek.   I’ll put a bunch more on FB soon!

11:30 pm

So this is kind of a long post because both Kris and I rocked this wedding with two different shoots, and we really could not have do it without the coolness of April and John. Enjoy the coolness that is John and April.