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10:43 pm

It’s sooo fun to shoot and hang out with a couple that is totally crazy for each other.  Their “love at first sight” story started when he first laid eyes on her walking towards him after church on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Riely, who by the way is responsible for all the wedding decorations for their incredible back yard wedding, is just oozing happiness all the time.  She is strong but gives Alex the pleasure of being her protector… I really felt that in the photos. From Engagements to the final exit I LOVED being a part of their love story. Hair and Makeup by my new friend, Dee from Swell Beauty (the classic, vintage style was a perfect fit to her wedding style).  ALWAYS a fun time working with the  talented and hilarious videographer Benni Ek.   I’ll put a bunch more on FB soon!

11:30 pm

So this is kind of a long post because both Kris and I rocked this wedding with two different shoots, and we really could not have do it without the coolness of April and John. Enjoy the coolness that is John and April.

6:14 am

What a wonderful time I had driving from Yosemite to Sacramento to meet up with Amanda Norman (who’s sister’s wedding  I shot 4 years ago!) and her wonderful husband Greg who is a computer engineer in San Jose.  they were so easy going and just wanted to have fun and goof around all day.  I had to break them up a few times as they would get lost nuzzling each others noses and forget that we had a timeline to stick to!   We moved all the photography to the morning and late afternoon to avoid the crazy heat up there, and stayed in the shade after they came out of the beautiful LDS Temple after lunch.   Backyard wedding was beautifully done by Amanda’s mother and friends.   Here a few of the shots from the day…   Best of luck you two and  thanks for bringing me up there!

Sacramento LDS Temple

6:16 am

If I could do my wedding over again, I’d want to be dressed like Dillon –  Absolutely love their style.  Their poses, the dress, the emotion in the way he holds her…. Seersucker groom… it’s all just does the heart good, then you throw in the JUMP and KAPOW! Jason Stringfellow and his Emily were the lucky ones to shoot this incredible wedding and they have a lot more rad images so check back soon for the full post!

Newport LDS Seer Sucker Wedding

Seersucker backyard wedding

Seersucker backyard wedding

Seersucker backyard wedding

Seersucker backyard wedding

Newport LDS Temple HIgh Kick

LDS Newport Beach Temple

vintage wedding dress bride

7:41 am

Destination Weddings are always a fun challenge! Let’s just say that despite my concerns with shooting back-to-back weddings (San Diego to Las Vegas), less than 12 hours apart, all stress was soon forgotten when I met up with the awesome couple. A gorgeous bride, her dashing groom, the day was perfect.  My wife found an ideal little nook with beautiful natural light for their first-look (coming soon!)

Taking a stretch Hummer to our off-location shoot added to the glamour of the event. Crashing at midnight in the Mandalay Bay hotel, after it was all over, was the most satisfying feeling I’ve had all year. Check out the sneak peek below for a taste of this couple’s awesomeness :)

Redrock Vegas WeddingMandalaybay las Vegas weddingRed Rocks Vegas Wedding photogrphy