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3:47 am

Can’t wait to show all the image of this shoot.  It was such a blast-  I keep heearing “If you like it then you better put a ring on it”  and remembering the choreographed dancing…. or the side splitting performance of the Romney brothers Donnie and Marie show….


1:54 am

Olliviah and Sam Hull are dear friends of ours, so when they asked if I could grab a quick bridal session after their ceremony in the Hoods BEAUTIFUL backyard, it was a simple, “let me grab my camera”  (and let the actual event photog know i’m taking his bride 😉

Congratulations again Olliviah!   You look amazing!!

Oh and the cake from Vanessa Smith was incredible.  (My wife did make one of the 20 odd flowers for it too!)


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These are the kind of pictures that just make you exhale, they are so awesome. What a perfect beach wedding! I have been excited to make this post for weeks. A BIG shout out to  Natalie Williams, the photographer, who tag teamed with me again and totally ROCKED it. The pictures speak for themselves. Get ready to exhale. And congrats Brigit and Brad!

Burnt Exposure Del Mar Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach WeddingCoronado Beach Wedding

IMG_3218-copyCoronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach WeddingCoronado Beach WeddingCoronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

This is my favorite of the day…  those eyes are super model

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

Coronado Beach Wedding

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Camille’s Dad was purchasing one of my prints of the Newport LDS Temple when we started talking about his daughter’s upcoming wedding. When they finally set the date, I wasn’t available so I tag teamed with Natalie Williams. Natalie has shot countless weddings with me as well as for “Burnt Exposure” and she rocks it every time. She shot the wedding and I handled all the post production. A great team effort. I was super sad I wouldn’t be able to be there in person, after meeting Camille and Ryan. They are the type that enter a room and just beam good energy, as you’ll be able to see. Here are a few of our favs. Good luck guys! Congrats.

Newport Beach Temple LDS Wedding

Newport Beach Temple LDS Wedding

Newport Beach Temple LDS Wedding

Newport Beach Temple LDS Wedding

Newport Beach Temple LDS Wedding

Newport Beach Temple LDS WeddingIMG_5738

Newport Beach Temple LDS Wedding

Carousel Wedding






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I hate catch up blogging, but sometimes the wedding season requires it.  What a summer and spring it’s been.  I dread posting all these shots until I get om my MAC at 11:00 at night and then I can’t stop.  There must be meetings out there for people with my problems.  well, this wedding will always stand out to me (mostly bc the ferris wheel) but the whole design and feel of the wedding was outstanding.  Huge props to Kirstin’s mom Rene` and their awesome floral designer…   Design By Aubrey.   I first met Kirstin while shooting her Srn pictures, which feels like last year.  Maybe i’ll slip one of those pics on here if she doesn’t kill me!   She grew up in San Clemente and met Steven at BYU.  He’s working his way to dental school and then they plan on settling down in AZ (why not San Clemente I have no idea!)  They were such a darling couple… can I say that?  From engagements to wedding, they had a great vintage flare and were willing to do ANYTHING for a good picture.  We found this old house in the woods with the roof falling in and decided to climb some fences (yes in the pink dress) to check it out.  It has become one of fav locations.   Sorry again about getting your car all muddy Kirstin…

Let’s start with my favorite shot of the day –

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3316



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3056Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2681-2



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3076

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3232

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3270

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3450Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3481

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3490

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3492

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3494


Now we get to the Bridal Pictures from Spring… Totally different processing…  Cool and Clean, but a little grungy –

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2162

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2194

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2203

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2236

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2289

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2326

Man I love this shot…. Could be my fav bridal yet.

And for the Wedding!! Well, since i’m working on the wedding album, I want to wait to post some spreads from the album instead…  so here are a few teasers in the meantime!







You can see more images on my Burnt Exposure Facebook Page..  Try this link…


Oh and here is Kirstin and her mom when i did her Srn pictures back when i had no kids! Man they grow up fast.

NPimg_6091 copy

NPimg_5508 copy