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We are 3 individually published photographers who have teamed up to offer a truly unique experience for Brides with Style. (no doubt awesome brides can compensate for the guys). This is not your traditional Photography operation. From our unconventional shooting style, to our edgy lighting, to our ridiculous + high energy personalities, Your story will be BOLD BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Together we will make magic on your wedding day!!

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March 12, 2014

Meet Janica and John.  They are getting married and well, we love them.  Maybe not as much as they love each other, but it’s a pretty close race.  These two met in Utah where Janica was working at a tanning salon.  Hey, a lady’s got to do what a lady’s got to do to get some sun!  John fancies himself as somewhat of a “smooth operator” so when he went to get his “sun on” he flashed his pearly whites and boyish smile (as seen below) thinking small talk would do the trick.  Janica, being the polite lady she is, obliged and engaged but John wasn’t fooling anyone least of all his lovely muse.  He knew he was going to have to bring out the big guns if was going to leave an impression in hopes to take their tanning bed small talk to the next level.  One day after tanning and usual game of “how you doin’s”, Slick Rick err we mean John, left only to return about 30 mins later to look for his phone that he, A-HHHEMM “left”.  Clearly it was an attempt to spend quality time with Janica, after all, nothing sparks the “spark” like being on your hands and knees and rummaging through drawers looking around for a cell phone right?  Finally Janica offered to call his cell phone to hear it ring.  Alas, there was no ring because it ended up being in his car the whole time, and THERE ladies and gentlemen is the BIG GUNS to John’s master plan.  Long story short, he got the number and the girl.  Good on ya’ John…Good on ya!    

We all met up at one of our favorite spots to shoot, the Irvine Fields at Quail Creek Park.  The light and views here are EPIC and these two are amazingly fun!  Now on with images!JJ014-Edit-bw JJ041 JJ053Janica has some of the most piercing blue eyes we have ever seen.  Our camera’s obviously began an instant love affair.
JJ058JJ064 JJ084We were super stoked when they brought their two gorgeous pups out for a few shots.  Seriously, these dogs couldn’t be cooler and they totally hammed it up for the cameras.
JJ097 JJ102 JJ110 JJ115 JJ127After the more casual portion of the session, they wanted to spice things up a bit…and SPICE they did.  Taco Bell’s FIRE sauce ain’t got nothing on these two!
JJ129 JJ133-Edit JJ172

The original idea was to use only the white and blue balloons, but it was a bit windy that day so setting a world record in finishing a Rubik’s Cube would have been easier that untangling the strings so we just left it.  What a beautiful mistake it turned out to be, we absolutely LOVED the playfulness the pop of red brought.
JJ212 JJ222-Edit “ummm excuse me, I seemed to have lost my phone…would you mind helping me look for it?”JJ235“WHY YES…YES I CAN!”JJ240 JJ247 JJ255-Edit This must be the “Smooth Operator” look that John won Janica over with 😉JJ265-EditOr maybe it was this one…
JJ272 For serious though, could these two be ANY CUTER?JJ295 Despite the winter chill in the air, these two stuck in out in the name art  and stayed a bit longer so we could get some night shots against the dark sky and tall grass…and we CANNOT thank them enough.  Thanks to Sarah Rico for helping out and for bringing this SICK vintage television set too, we only wish we had more time to use it! JJ310 JJ300-Edit-2-stay-tunedThank you Janica and John for bringing the SUPER FUN to your engagement session.  We have such a great time trekking around the fields with chairs, balloons and even a television.  We cannot wait to capture your incredible wedding at the South Coast Winery!

March 7, 2014

We love us some Shane and Kissa!  They are fun, full of energy  and with Kissa’s infectious smile, Shane never stood a chance.  They both love volleyball so naturally it’s where they first met.   As opponents, their competitive sides got the better of them at this first chance meeting and it looked like this love was doomed to the penalty box…oh wait that’s hockey.   Volleyball, however, turned out to be their language of love and so began their story.  Kissa and Shane got married at the incredibly gorgeous Los Angeles Temple and we couldn’t be MORE THRILLED to share their images with you.333 KSSlideshow046 395 KSSlideshow059-EditBehold the infectious smile…
KSSlideshow047-EditThis could very well be the coolest wedding party we have ever worked with.  We fell instantly in love with some of the ladies incredible tattoo artwork!
KSSlideshow003 339 KSSlideshow010 032 KSSlideshow000 KSSlideshow035 349 If you don’t know what these are, then we just can’t talk to you…just kidding…but C’MON with the  T.M.N.T. throw back.  One word…RADKSSlideshow034 KSSlideshow019-Edit KSSlideshow021 066 263 Look carefully at these next two photo’s…can you spot the difference?  We will give you minute…289 KSSlideshow023 Give up???  Well… After 5 attempts at a cool jump shot with the groomsmen, the huge piece of granite broke in two.  Despite nailing the shot, as you can see, there is no definition for how HORRIBLE we felt.  I mean there really is NO WAY to feel except horrible when you break a picturesque stone that had been there since the 70’s.  Don’t worry we told some Los Angeles Temple workers immediately, I think we may have even cried a bit as we walked away, heads hanging in shame. KSSlideshow017 280We all looked a little something like this after “the jump”…
025 077 075 KSSlideshow006 081 KSSlideshow008 KSSlideshow009 This image speaks VOLUMES of the pure unadulterated JOY these two bring to each other.085 065 KSSlideshow011 089 088 105 110 116 093 299 KSSlideshow027 KSSlideshow024 249 377 368 365 358 331 329Remember that little “broken stone” moment… If there is a funny part to it, it’s that Shanes’ nickname is the Marvel Superhero THOR. Hmmm, could it have been his sheer brut superhero strength that broke it and not us after all…ummm yeah, we are going to go with that. KSSlideshow030 310 KSSlideshow038Let us take another moment to reflect on how RAD this party is!
325 252 KSSlideshow029 KSSlideshow013 The sunlight was just too perfect that day not to soak up every single second.  This is what happens when you combine a love beyond measure, two incredibly gorgeous humans and golden light so rich it would make a Swiss bank blush…seriously get a tissue!KSSlideshow058-Edit 379 413 411 426 450 432 425 448 463 456After our time at the Los Angeles Temple, we all headed over to Corona Del Mar to celebrate at the Oasis Community Center.421 KSSlideshow053We never tire of that look a new bride gives her man as she realizes he is hers and she is his forever…
549 556GOLD + CAKE = OMG!
774 We seriously died over how incredibly beautiful these rose gold rings are.  So classic and timeless it made us want to make some popcorn and watch old Audrey Hepburn movies.849 707 699 697 734 738 719 THOR’S hammer…maybe that should be a “stone” and not a football…790Could there be a cooler way to throw the garter?  WE.THINK.NOT.
830 837You know it’s a party when IRON MAN decides to show up in his helicopter.870 801 875It was such a wonderful day.  Kissa and Shane, you take our breath away.  Thank you for inviting BURNT EXPOSURE to be such an intimate part of your story and with that, let us leave you with this…

March 5, 2014

The dictionary defines charming as, “pleasing and delightful.”  We define it as Lisa Ann and David.  They could quite possibly be the sweetest two people on the planet and Jason couldn’t be more STOKED that he got to capture every sugary detail!

[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_001 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_002 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_003

[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_004 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_005 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_006 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_007

Lisa Ann and David ended 2013 in THE BEST possible way, surrounded by the people they love the most, celebrating the love they  have for each other.  They were married 3 days after Christmas in Newport Beach at the gorgeous Newport Beach Temple.
[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_008 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_009 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_010 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_011 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_012

[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_013 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_014

Let us also add, CRAZY.GOOD.TIME. to their resume of AWESOMENESS
[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_015 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_016 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_017 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_018 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_019[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_020 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_021 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_022 These two seriously give us a TOOTHACHE…in the best way possible of course![BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_023 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_024 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_025 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_026 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_027 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_028 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_029 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_030 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_031 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_032

After the ceremony the new Mr. & Mrs. continued their intimate celebration at the enchanting Five Crowns restaurant in Corona Del Mar where we got this CRAZY AWESOME shot[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_035

Have we mentioned it was a PERFECT day and we had an AMAZING time shooting their wedding.  Congratulations Lisa Ann & David, may your life be filled with all the sweetness you can handle…and then some!

February 19, 2014

Remember these two ADORABLE HUMANS…They are adding to their adorableness!TS162 TS013We were honored to shoot Taylor and Chase’s beautiful wedding a year and a half ago at the San Diego Temple.  Because they live outside of California, we were unable to schedule a time to do an anniversary shoot, so when they called and asked if we would shoot their SURPRISE baby announcement for their family, we squealed with girlish excitement.  We all met at the Santa Ana River for a session filled with perfect sunlight, sweet smiles and even some hooting and hollering of the passersby that were ALMOST as excited as we were.  Don’t worry, we waited (albeit IMPATIENTLY) for them to deliver the surprise before posting so we haven’t given anything away.TS159-Edit TS124-Edit TS023-Edit

How STINKIN.CUTE. are these signs that Taylor made?!?!?!

There is always something about the authentic love of childhood friends turned high school sweethearts that encapsulates each and every moment in the lives of those who are lucky enough to experience and Taylor and Chase are the very definition of that kind of love.   It goes without saying that their sweet baby will enter this world full of the same joy their mommy and daddy have for one another. TS074-Edit-bw TS049-Edit TS103-Edit TS042-Edit

Congratulations Taylor and Chase!  Thank you for romping around in the river with us!  We couldn’t be happier for your sweet growing family!

February 18, 2014

Meet Gemma and Christian…They make love look GOOD! CG069-EditCG006-Edit“Thank Heaven for meddling Parents and blind dates,” said Gemma to her “chance” meeting of Christian at a dinner party.  Did we mention that this “chance” meeting took place while Gemma was on vacation…C’MON!!! if that doesn’t make for that forever -n-ever kind of love, we.don’t.know.what does. Unfortunately Christian waited too long to call for that second date and Gemma was packed and ready to head back to California.  One would think that their love story would end here, especially since she didn’t want someone who had been in the military and he had no interest in blondes but Christian was HOOKED (I mean how could he not be, Gemma is GORGEOUS).  Within two months Christian made the move to California to win her over with his Texan manners and charm.  Win her over he did, although Gemma credits this mostly to his thick lustrous hair and we have to agree on this this point, seriously have you ever seen such locks?!?!?!  And so began a love that crossed miles and preferences and we couldn’t be more happy for this beautiful couple.
CG020-Edit CG048-Edit CG195-Edit CG074-Edit CG052-Edit CG103 CG136-Edit CG095-Edit CG188-Edit There is nothing sweeter than the way a man looks at the love of his life in those candid simple moments that true love often bringsCG220-Edit CG059-Edit CG158-Edit CG165-Edit CG180-Edit CG235-Edit

Could these two be anymore PERFECT?!?! We.Think.Not.
CG240-Edit CG251-Edit

We ended the session with a little bit of fire, water and a whole lot of love!
CG272-Edit CG283-EditThank you Gemma and Christian for adventuring around with us and letting us play with fire…so close to your heads…while standing in a lake…at night but most of all thank you for sharing your story with us, we can’t wait to capture the moments that begin your love as husband and wife.