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7:16 am

What a privilege  it was to share such a special day with Katie and PJ.  They were glowing!  Just a perfect couple…  kind, considerate, so in love and fun – We managed to hit up CDM beach and a nice lunch before heading to one of my favorite venues…  Sherman Garden Library (which just so happens to be where my wife and I had our reception).  The succulent gardens, overflowing with variety just happened to be Katie and my favorite place for a few more shots.  So many memories for me, 7 yrs ago… The fish prepared by Pascal was still amazing… and the impromptu groomsmen parody had everyone rolling – “Don’t stop conceiving”.   Way too many favs’ for this post…  Again, Congratulations to a RAD couple!

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PE6A1168-Edit PE6A1533

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_O2A0921Sherman Gardens Library Wedding

Sherman Gardens Library Wedding cake


PK-1723-Edit_O2A1282-EditSherman Gardens Library Wedding-Edit

Just want to eat that cactus on the top right…  must be 100 yrs oldPK-1879

_O2A1051-EditSherman Gardens Library Wedding
PE6A3014Sherman Gardens Library Wedding PE6A2927-EditPE6A3269-Edit _O2A1319 Someone’s having a good time!

Sherman Gardens Library Wedding
PE6A3658-Edit Sherman Gardens Library Wedding

Incredible dance moves – not even sure what to call this…
Sherman Gardens Library Wedding Sherman Gardens Library Wedding Sherman Gardens Library Wedding
PE6A3819 PE6A3798-Edit_O2A1681-Edit_O2A1691-Edit LOVE that the bridesmaids got in the cake action
PE6A3975-EditSherman Gardens Library WeddingSherman Gardens Library Wedding Thanks to everyone at Sherman Gardens and all the great vendors for making this a GREAT night.