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We are 3 individually published photographers who have teamed up to offer a truly unique experience for Brides with Style. (no doubt awesome brides can compensate for the guys). This is not your traditional Photography operation. From our unconventional shooting style, to our edgy lighting, to our ridiculous + high energy personalities, Your story will be BOLD BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Together we will make magic on your wedding day!!

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6:32 am

We took a chance on Chino Hills hoping to find some cool water features with the damn…  well no water, so we just drove around and trespassed into some cool places.  Taylor was down for anything and Chase just likes to break the law so it was a perfect combination.  Taylor and Chase have been friends since Sunday school and finally became high school sweethearts.  They have known each other for sooo long I feel like a newley-wed compared to them!   We had a blast together… can’t wait for the wedding in August!   PS… people wonder if I get any “classic” shots and the answer is of course i do, but I wanted to save some good images for them to use as invitations.




We struggled with the heel click…  good attempt though.










Sorry Chase…  This is so cheesy I had to post it! (completely against his will)








4:49 am

Insta-friends!  What a cool couple…  showed up on skateboards and a truck bed full of their clothes!

They originally wanted to jump off the Capistrano pier for the shoot until they read about the $5000 penalty for getting caught.  Maybe after Law School…

We wanted some fun colors, and with the wedding colors are pink and teal we really lucked out with the airstream trailer!

Tycen shared the story of how they met so read on to get the full scoop.


“I was at a party with my best friend and his girlfriend when I saw this amazing girl walking around like she was all bad, sagging her styling jeans and looking tuff and when she looked at me and smiled my knees buckled and I managed to say something intelligible, I never thought 100 lbs could hit so hard! After a 10 minute conversation I was stoked and needed this girls number but when she walked out of the house with her bike in hand I panicked and just sat there watching “The One” get away. For the rest of the night I kicked myself and badgered my friends girlfriend for the scoop on this smoking hottie and finally convinced someone to give me her number.”


“Our first date was all about redemption for not getting her # so I made a sweet playlist, hopped in my old 69′ Bronco and picked her up from work on a nice summer night and took her to the most romantic indoor shooting range Redwood Road has to offer. We shot guns, went to the gas station for some life waters and dropped her back off at work. Little did I know it would take about 3 months of this short and sweet non-committal dating to finally realize how cool I am. Not to mention the occasional slams where she told me she didn’t want anything to do with me aside from being friends, luckily I knew for a fact that she was way off and indeed madly in love with me, she just didn’t know it yet.”IMG_8126IMG_8165IMG_8182

“After lots of bike riding adventures and a river trip she started to warm up to me but then ran off to California for law school. This is when I put a ring on her finger and she agreed to be my girlfriend. So then I found a job in California too but they wanted to send me to Haiti for a year first. That was a tough year for us but I made it out alive and we still liked each other even after a year of skype-dating with horrible internet connection. So when I got for home, we took a trip to New York for New Year’s Eve and the Spiderman Play (she thinks spiderman is cool). And 2 dozen roses and 6,000 rose petals later…she said yes.”   –Tycen