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10:50 pm

I’ve known Logan for 9 years now which is why I was so ecstatic when he called to tell me the good news…. and that the wedding was conditional on my availability ;).  Cindy and Logan, who live SLC, flew into town to stay with us for a few days and try some “experimental photography”.   We had some serious fun in water despite losing a few items including an Iphone, and Cindy’s white heels.  Our goal was to climb a nearby water tower, but it seems the authorities have smartened up locked it down – but I’ve always been a believer that the best pictures are in how you make the most of your environment.   It’s amazing how much you can do within 5 min from my house in Mission Viejo.    It was GREAT getting to know Cindy and Cathy and I couldn’t be happier for this perfect match – FYI – Reluctantly, Cindy and Logan were blindly set up by a relative (Dentist who thought his patient Cindy had nice teeth).  Looking forward to flying out to their wedding in Bountiful Utah come August!

—- PART I ——

Viejo Engagement Photography, water tower and Lake

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——-  Part II ——-


These two could be part time modelsLCEng322-Edit  LCEng367-EditLCEng350 LCEng377 LCEng416-Edit LCEng435 LCEng449

These red pumps make this my favorite shot of the day.

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8:00 am

So there is a back story for this shoot.  I decided to take a weekend off to mt bike an incredible trail in Bryce canyon UT, but couldn’t  say no to a shoot when Heather from SLC said she’d drive down to meet me in Saint George on my way home.   I’ll be honest, after a 2 days of mt biking bliss and camping, i was completely drained.   Heather and Bryce had this crazy idea of getting shots during the moon set and sunrise at 6:00 AM.  I had NO good ideas on where to meet them.  Google maps was failing me, hotel internet wasn’t working and no local photogs would answer their phones – I had to get some sleep.  After a short phone call with Bryce we decided to meet up half way to Zion where there was a river in hopes of something green (Heather likes living nature, not so much st George :).  By 1 AM i passed out , certain that I would have the wost shoot all year and no real idea of where we would shoot.  I even told my my buddy Kael that I usually just get lucky and it all works out, but not this time.  I wanted to call the whole thing off.  We woke up at 4:30 am and hit the road.  About 40 minutes into our drive he spotted a lookout sign and we knew we had hit something with potential.   Yes, from down the long dirt road we could see the moon set,  and there were fields.  It was perfect… except for the 20 MPH gusts of wind and 50 degree temperature.  With 15 minutes till moon set, there was no turning back now….   Cross your fingers, hope the client is cool and make some magic!


The road to the lookout – and my stick of cheese breakfast.



“Nice to meet you guys!  Are you sure you want to sacrifice your awesomely perfect hair? ”    They met on a rock climbing date – she wasn’t a rock climber, but now she is.  They were just oozing love for each other.




Heather could only face one direction… into the wind.  Man that hair looks cool,  “Are you sure these are looking OK?”  She asked?  Maybe Brycen can hold your hair?  We’d shoot for 5 minutes and then let them warm up in the car…   Seriously you have to be a little tough to shoot with burnt exposure.  These two were up for anything.  I love that.



AHHHH the sunrise was simply Glorious!  I’ll spare you the 100 shots we took in that warm morning splendor.



It was time to get out of the wind – let’s go to the river – SUCH a beautiful Sunrise – so worth the pain and stress just to witness the grande feeling of this location.

And yes that is a bandana I’m wearing.


Kael (you may know from the popular indie band Faded Paper Figures – which conveniently happens to be one of my favorite bands) did an awesome job bouncing light, shot ideas and moral support.  Couldn’t have done this without him.


Took some video footage of this that may end up in FPF’s next music video…


Couldn’t ask for a better looking couple! – Love those eyes!



I love how Brycen decided to hold the flowers…  he’s a real deal man.  Thanks for putting up with my ridiculous poses.






My favorite image of the morning i think.




What a FUN shoot you guys!  Thank you so much for getting me up at the butt crack of dawn to make such a great memory.

5:10 am

Green fields call, you have to answer. And boy was I lucky to have these two.

Riely and Alex are that adorable couple that fell in love after only a handful of dates.  It’s not very often people fall in love so easily!  The shoot was ideal. A perfect sunset and they had an awesome prop, which I broke after trying to get it in the ground!!! Don’t worry, I’ll use my incredible manliness to fix it in my woodshop (yes, my wife is laughing in the background). Sorry guys!

Take a look at Alex’s version of their love story below. Then check out how amazing they look together in this e-sesh sneak peek.

“I remember seeing Riely walk into church that day and feeling as if the wind was knocked out of me. I immediately thought to myself, “Wow… I have to get her number!!”. We caught each others eye a few times during church and so I thought the interest was definitely mutual. Once church was over, I convinced my sister to get Riely‘s number from Riely‘s sister when suddenly Riely came walking past me.  I coolly tried to say “hi”, but  only managed to clumsily thank her for, “coming to church today!”. Riely kept composure and shot me a look and walked away. Once I got Riely‘s number, I was told that Riely wasn’t interested in dating anyone, so I calmly acted like I just wanted to be friends. I waited a few hours to contact her to build the suspense while Riely secretly waited for me to call. I finally did and after a few late late nights of talking, a couple great dates and the most amazing first kiss, we were in love.”


3:01 am


…with their permission, of course!  So many great shots from this SUPER fun shoot. Seriously, they were up for ANYTHING. Can’t wait to post the rest.


And I Love the way this shot worked out!    I feel like this should be the cover of the next Twilight or something.   We were going to hang a bunch of lanterns in the trees and do some dancing but then Aaron stuck a flash in the lantern and it was magic!   We started with a “lost in the woods” thing but when he pulled her in tight to keep her warm I knew we had what we were looking for with this Kiss.   Shooting these images really brings back the rush of passion I’m always seeking when shooting. I’m still on the high from it.  It’s like manna for the soul. Hope you enjoy!

7:04 am

Jade wanted something different so… well this could be considered different.  These were shot with a long 10 second exposure and two flash pops on the side and behind…   I LOVE being able to pull out an artistic license and have some serious fun, and i’m so glad we didn’t get caught for trespassing!  And I LOVE willing and crazy clients like Ken and Jade that are willing to freeze their butts off and break the law to get some cool images.



Love this shot…  It took 5 tries to get the darn flash on the right to not hit Kens’ forehead….  but wait – what is that in the bushes?!?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it’s a serial killer!  Thanks for the help Aaron!  You made this night shoot possible with your seller flash positioning.   Lucky you made it in the shot, but i may have to stamp you out of the final image. :)

IMG_5733 crop

More images from this shoot to come..  Just too many to put up tonight!