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12:38 am

ONE + ONE  = 4?  When  Ashley, Jeff, Esther and Jason approached us to shoot their engagement session, we were stoked.  When they asked that we shoot it on the same day at the same time, we accepted the challenge.  Oh and did we mention Jeff and Jason are IDENTICAL twins.  Double E-sessions were harder than I thought… double the ideas and half the time!   It was super windy the day of the shoot and our first location ended up being a “bust” so with props in tow (picture 4 beach cruisers strapped to a mini van driving at warp speed down the freeway) we all caravanned over to the Irvine Fields, it couldn’t have been a more AWESOME “plan B”.  We swapped every 10 minutes between couples (thank you to Sarah Rico who was a blessing to have help me on the shoot).  It feels like two different shoots although we wanted to get the best shots for both… Regardless of the challenge it really was a blast. I’m still laughing about this skipping double mint shot. Only wish we had more time to do the other 5 ideas we had!AJEJ414-Edit When we meet with couples, we always ask them to tell us a little bit about their “story”.  We have such RAD clients that it’s always super awesome to hear how they met and ultimately brought them to an epic Burnt Exposure shoot.

In Ashley’s words (and we tend to agree), as identical twins it was only fitting that Jeff and Jason would each find true love just two months apart. Esther and Ashley were already friends when Esther and Jason began dating so when Ashley started dating Jeff, it gave new meaning to the word double dates and before long they became the self proclaimed “Quad.”

Jeff and Jason are both musicians, so when it came time to propose they knew they not only had to do it at the same time but it had to be nothing short of amazing (as if a twin proposal wasn’t epic enough…clearly they are over achievers)!   So how does one…err we mean TWO go about pulling off the proposal of the century?  Why during a performance in front of 3,000 young single adults at a church conference in Arizona State University’s Gammage Auditorium OFCOURSE!  They were slotted to play on Saturday night after Mitt and Ann Romney would address the attendees, and would be followed by performances from Brooke White, of American Idol Fame, and Youtube star Alex Boye.  Talk about PRESSURE!  Needless to say, they pulled it off, even with Ashley running things behind the scenes!  You can check out their RAD proposal that was posted on KSL News in Salt Lake City, UT here  or on Jeff and Jason’s youtube channel

We had such an great time shooting these FANTASTIC FOUR skipping, biking, bubble blowing and even frog kissing!

Jeff and Ashley…

AJEJ045-Edit AJEJ064-Edit AJEJ077-Edit AJEJ083-Edit

Esther and Jason…
AJEJ131-Edit AJEJ145 AJEJ148-Edit AJEJ231 AJEJ242-Edit AJEJ250-Edit AJEJ292-Edit AJEJ561-Edit AJEJ594-Edit AJEJ648-Edit AJEJ634-Edit AJEJ329-Edit AJEJ340-Edit AJEJ399 AJEJ454-Edit AJEJ464 AJEJ468-2 AJEJ474-Edit AJEJ519-Edit Vanity Fair ain’t got NOTHING on these four!

AJEJ488 AJEJ501-Edit AJEJ510-EditThanks for coming all the way out from Gilbert, Arizona.  We are SUPER EXCITED for your double wedding at the Gilbert Temple next month!

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LOVE this couple.  I could shoot them all day- great style, super cool, and totally in LOVE! They met at college on a double date, with other people :)  Turns out Marissa’s family had moved to Huntington Beach, just a few miles from EJ’s family, so it was obvious it was meant to be.   They were down with any location so I took them somewhere off the beaten path I had come across mt biking a few days earlier.  Although we didn’t get started until 15 minutes before the sunset, we managed to get some great light anyways.  The boots, balloons and concrete all came together for a nice edgy, yet romantic mix.    As you can see we tried a ton of things with these two after the sunset until it just got too cold to take anymore pictures.  Can’t wait for their wedding this summer in my old stompin grounds, Huntington Beach!  Hope you like them.



Sometimes Flash straight on works


A little preparation for the last shots – Yes duck tape was used


This reminds me of so many things… Twightlight for one though… Second Favorite Shot


6:32 am

We took a chance on Chino Hills hoping to find some cool water features with the damn…  well no water, so we just drove around and trespassed into some cool places.  Taylor was down for anything and Chase just likes to break the law so it was a perfect combination.  Taylor and Chase have been friends since Sunday school and finally became high school sweethearts.  They have known each other for sooo long I feel like a newley-wed compared to them!   We had a blast together… can’t wait for the wedding in August!   PS… people wonder if I get any “classic” shots and the answer is of course i do, but I wanted to save some good images for them to use as invitations.




We struggled with the heel click…  good attempt though.










Sorry Chase…  This is so cheesy I had to post it! (completely against his will)








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Allie and Joe are such a fun couple.  It was hard to get a straight face on either of them.  I started off by making them dance in front of the camera, which was hilarious to witness.   Check out Joe’s High Kick!  (Sorry Joe, but i couldn’t resist… ) They loved the look of the rocky coast, so I had to take them to my favorite beach.  We started with some classic shots up around the Sherman Library (brings back great memories of my own wedding which was there).  Can’t wait to see them on the big wedding day next year!

Corona Del Mar Beach Engagement PicturesCorona Del Mar Beach Engagement Pictures

Corona Del Mar Beach Engagement PicturesCorona Del Mar Beach Engagement Pictures

Corona Del Mar Beach Engagement Pictures

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7123Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7084

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7174

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7154Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7158

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7223Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7290

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7234Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7260

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7327-2

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_7342

Favorite shot of the night…  Thank you Allie’s mom for holding that flash out there in the dark for me!


7:16 am

I hate catch up blogging, but sometimes the wedding season requires it.  What a summer and spring it’s been.  I dread posting all these shots until I get om my MAC at 11:00 at night and then I can’t stop.  There must be meetings out there for people with my problems.  well, this wedding will always stand out to me (mostly bc the ferris wheel) but the whole design and feel of the wedding was outstanding.  Huge props to Kirstin’s mom Rene` and their awesome floral designer…   Design By Aubrey.   I first met Kirstin while shooting her Srn pictures, which feels like last year.  Maybe i’ll slip one of those pics on here if she doesn’t kill me!   She grew up in San Clemente and met Steven at BYU.  He’s working his way to dental school and then they plan on settling down in AZ (why not San Clemente I have no idea!)  They were such a darling couple… can I say that?  From engagements to wedding, they had a great vintage flare and were willing to do ANYTHING for a good picture.  We found this old house in the woods with the roof falling in and decided to climb some fences (yes in the pink dress) to check it out.  It has become one of fav locations.   Sorry again about getting your car all muddy Kirstin…

Let’s start with my favorite shot of the day –

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3316



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3056Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2681-2



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3076

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3232

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3270

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3450Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3481

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3490

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3492

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3494


Now we get to the Bridal Pictures from Spring… Totally different processing…  Cool and Clean, but a little grungy –

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2162

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2194

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2203

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2236

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2289

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2326

Man I love this shot…. Could be my fav bridal yet.

And for the Wedding!! Well, since i’m working on the wedding album, I want to wait to post some spreads from the album instead…  so here are a few teasers in the meantime!







You can see more images on my Burnt Exposure Facebook Page..  Try this link…


Oh and here is Kirstin and her mom when i did her Srn pictures back when i had no kids! Man they grow up fast.

NPimg_6091 copy

NPimg_5508 copy