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7:22 am

Maybe i’m old fashioned, but I think Balloons on an engagement session really bring a fun feeling.  My friend Aaron said my work is too happy to be called Urban or Grunge, which is how i often describe my work, so I think i will just go with that.  I’m a happy photographer.  This happy post in the irvine fields is to celebrate my resolution.  Thanks guys for letting me have fun with your engagements.  I promise I will post all the rest of the “Happy” shots we took soon!

IMG_5091 IMG_5092

IMG_5093 IMG_5103

IMG_5119 IMG_5557-Edit

Of course there is nothing happy about loosing your fiance.   Luckily Ken was strong enough to hold her down.

8:04 am

I love spending an afternoon tagging along with a couple…  Jumping on beach cruisers with a bunch of different outfits…  hitting up the beach, playing around and then getting all dressed up for a night on the town.  Megan and Pete treated Cath and I to some excellent all you can eat sushi after the sun was long down.  If not for them, these pics will be in my photo album for just the memories of a hec’o fun afternoon.  Can i say Hec’o fun? oh well, enjoy!



IMG_1187 IMG_1181IMG_1263-2