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5:10 am

Green fields call, you have to answer. And boy was I lucky to have these two.

Riely and Alex are that adorable couple that fell in love after only a handful of dates.  It’s not very often people fall in love so easily!  The shoot was ideal. A perfect sunset and they had an awesome prop, which I broke after trying to get it in the ground!!! Don’t worry, I’ll use my incredible manliness to fix it in my woodshop (yes, my wife is laughing in the background). Sorry guys!

Take a look at Alex’s version of their love story below. Then check out how amazing they look together in this e-sesh sneak peek.

“I remember seeing Riely walk into church that day and feeling as if the wind was knocked out of me. I immediately thought to myself, “Wow… I have to get her number!!”. We caught each others eye a few times during church and so I thought the interest was definitely mutual. Once church was over, I convinced my sister to get Riely‘s number from Riely‘s sister when suddenly Riely came walking past me.  I coolly tried to say “hi”, but  only managed to clumsily thank her for, “coming to church today!”. Riely kept composure and shot me a look and walked away. Once I got Riely‘s number, I was told that Riely wasn’t interested in dating anyone, so I calmly acted like I just wanted to be friends. I waited a few hours to contact her to build the suspense while Riely secretly waited for me to call. I finally did and after a few late late nights of talking, a couple great dates and the most amazing first kiss, we were in love.”


6:08 am

It all started on a fine California winter morning.  The birds were chirping, bees were humming, and small children were gathering in our yard to see if Tofer could play.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6653

With 5 capable babysitters, we were ready to head to the Irvine Keiser Hospital

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9586

Mother Catherine, all suited up, waits for her inevitable fate…. Goodbye beautiful world

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9608

With barf bin in hand, she confronts the strengthening storm like a well seasoned sailor.  She’s rounded this Cape before

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9622

All of the sudden contractions are off the charts…. birth is eminent…  no tuning back now.   “Someone get the Dr!!”

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9626

30 minutes later lay the 9 lb bruised and mishapen son, who after 9 months of darkness can barely stand the heat lights.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9643

The first look  (dad’s got a cold)

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9670

The next morning Tofer and Grandma come to meet the prize.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9722

Not much of a prize for Tofer after all.  “It doesn’t even have wheels, and when i crash my cars into it, mom gets pretty mad.  ”

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9739

But He does make some funny faces

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9754

And sleep  all day long

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0980

And sleep

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0989

And look around in between for possible attacks from his new brother

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1015

Although Dad couldn’t get the Nude baby Bohemian shot he was going for, you can image the joy his family must feel to have such a prize born, all on a fine winter day.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0962