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6:14 am

What a wonderful time I had driving from Yosemite to Sacramento to meet up with Amanda Norman (who’s sister’s wedding  I shot 4 years ago!) and her wonderful husband Greg who is a computer engineer in San Jose.  they were so easy going and just wanted to have fun and goof around all day.  I had to break them up a few times as they would get lost nuzzling each others noses and forget that we had a timeline to stick to!   We moved all the photography to the morning and late afternoon to avoid the crazy heat up there, and stayed in the shade after they came out of the beautiful LDS Temple after lunch.   Backyard wedding was beautifully done by Amanda’s mother and friends.   Here a few of the shots from the day…   Best of luck you two and  thanks for bringing me up there!

Sacramento LDS Temple

8:00 am

So there is a back story for this shoot.  I decided to take a weekend off to mt bike an incredible trail in Bryce canyon UT, but couldn’t  say no to a shoot when Heather from SLC said she’d drive down to meet me in Saint George on my way home.   I’ll be honest, after a 2 days of mt biking bliss and camping, i was completely drained.   Heather and Bryce had this crazy idea of getting shots during the moon set and sunrise at 6:00 AM.  I had NO good ideas on where to meet them.  Google maps was failing me, hotel internet wasn’t working and no local photogs would answer their phones – I had to get some sleep.  After a short phone call with Bryce we decided to meet up half way to Zion where there was a river in hopes of something green (Heather likes living nature, not so much st George :).  By 1 AM i passed out , certain that I would have the wost shoot all year and no real idea of where we would shoot.  I even told my my buddy Kael that I usually just get lucky and it all works out, but not this time.  I wanted to call the whole thing off.  We woke up at 4:30 am and hit the road.  About 40 minutes into our drive he spotted a lookout sign and we knew we had hit something with potential.   Yes, from down the long dirt road we could see the moon set,  and there were fields.  It was perfect… except for the 20 MPH gusts of wind and 50 degree temperature.  With 15 minutes till moon set, there was no turning back now….   Cross your fingers, hope the client is cool and make some magic!


The road to the lookout – and my stick of cheese breakfast.



“Nice to meet you guys!  Are you sure you want to sacrifice your awesomely perfect hair? ”    They met on a rock climbing date – she wasn’t a rock climber, but now she is.  They were just oozing love for each other.




Heather could only face one direction… into the wind.  Man that hair looks cool,  “Are you sure these are looking OK?”  She asked?  Maybe Brycen can hold your hair?  We’d shoot for 5 minutes and then let them warm up in the car…   Seriously you have to be a little tough to shoot with burnt exposure.  These two were up for anything.  I love that.



AHHHH the sunrise was simply Glorious!  I’ll spare you the 100 shots we took in that warm morning splendor.



It was time to get out of the wind – let’s go to the river – SUCH a beautiful Sunrise – so worth the pain and stress just to witness the grande feeling of this location.

And yes that is a bandana I’m wearing.


Kael (you may know from the popular indie band Faded Paper Figures – which conveniently happens to be one of my favorite bands) did an awesome job bouncing light, shot ideas and moral support.  Couldn’t have done this without him.


Took some video footage of this that may end up in FPF’s next music video…


Couldn’t ask for a better looking couple! – Love those eyes!



I love how Brycen decided to hold the flowers…  he’s a real deal man.  Thanks for putting up with my ridiculous poses.






My favorite image of the morning i think.




What a FUN shoot you guys!  Thank you so much for getting me up at the butt crack of dawn to make such a great memory.

11:55 pm

Who wouldn’t love a guy whose first name is H? I first met Mr. H Glenn Hatfield in high school and he quickly became a family favorite. When I got married to Kris (this is Cathy blogging today) he marched right up to him and said, “Welcome to the family!” And so to his new beautiful bride, I say the same, “Welcome to the family, LeAnn. We are so happy to have you!”

You can imagine how excited I was to get the call from Glenn, “We’ve been following Kris’s blog for months and would love for him to take our pictures.” Yay! You may even recognize these two. Glenn is a member of the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir and LeAnn is the Director of Internal Audit for the state of Utah. Not bad, eh?

It was a chilly and rainy day in Salt Lake City, UT but that didn’t keep it from being magical. The lighting was perfect. The Salt Lake City Temple was a majestic “backdrop” and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the PERFECT place for a Christmas wedding. Take a look below at a sneak peek of the day and see what I mean. Congrats guys, we sure love you.



IMG_9047 IMG_9019




IMG_9190 IMG_9168




IMG_9375 IMG_9382



IMG_9577 IMG_9621

IMG_9705 IMG_9670


6:29 am

I may as well have bought an RV and camped out in the Newport Temple parking lot with 4 Newport Temple weddings back to back this summer.  It was challenging getting new shots for each couple but I think iv’e honed in on some of my favorite locations there.  It’s amazing what you can find in the noon day sun when you have an awesome couple to work with.   Enjoy!

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9797

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9865

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9996

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9970

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9917-2

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9955

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9892-Edit

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9987

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0108

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0116 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0117

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0203

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0822

Kurt loves hockey and Vilate must love Kurt because they pulled off a hockey theme at the reception!  Vilates surprise for Kurk was a this cake….

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0235

yes that’s a hockey puck.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9787

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0917

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0960

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0981

5:43 am

Coming out of the LA Temple
Coming out of the LA Temple

They call her “Two Scoops” for a reason.  Luckily John shares Heidi’s love for ice cream and love for serving others.  It was fun hanging out in Santa Monica after the temple ceremony, enjoying some Didi Riese and learning about their plans to bring medical aid to Africa.  These two are going to make a difference in the world!  Hope you enjoy some of their images on their special day.



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_8555


This is my favorite Temple spire shot.  Just feels so…  holy


This would have to by my favorite shot of the day.






Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9085 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9131

I don’t know why but these two little love birds just encapsulate the way I will always remember these two.  Heidi has awesome wedding decoration skills.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9389