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We are 3 individually published photographers who have teamed up to offer a truly unique experience for Brides with Style. (no doubt awesome brides can compensate for the guys). This is not your traditional Photography operation. From our unconventional shooting style, to our edgy lighting, to our ridiculous + high energy personalities, Your story will be BOLD BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Together we will make magic on your wedding day!!

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7:16 am

What a privilege  it was to share such a special day with Katie and PJ.  They were glowing!  Just a perfect couple…  kind, considerate, so in love and fun – We managed to hit up CDM beach and a nice lunch before heading to one of my favorite venues…  Sherman Garden Library (which just so happens to be where my wife and I had our reception).  The succulent gardens, overflowing with variety just happened to be Katie and my favorite place for a few more shots.  So many memories for me, 7 yrs ago… The fish prepared by Pascal was still amazing… and the impromptu groomsmen parody had everyone rolling – “Don’t stop conceiving”.   Way too many favs’ for this post…  Again, Congratulations to a RAD couple!

PE6A1047PK-1088 _O2A0298-Edit_O2A0360-Edit
PE6A1168-Edit PE6A1533

PE6A1778-Edit PE6A1716 PE6A1574-EditPE6A2011 PE6A1949-Edit_O2A0671
PE6A2880-Edit PE6A2862PK-1636 PK-1670-Edit PE6A2586-Edit_O2A0783-Edit_O2A0911
_O2A0921Sherman Gardens Library Wedding

Sherman Gardens Library Wedding cake


PK-1723-Edit_O2A1282-EditSherman Gardens Library Wedding-Edit

Just want to eat that cactus on the top right…  must be 100 yrs oldPK-1879

_O2A1051-EditSherman Gardens Library Wedding
PE6A3014Sherman Gardens Library Wedding PE6A2927-EditPE6A3269-Edit _O2A1319 Someone’s having a good time!

Sherman Gardens Library Wedding
PE6A3658-Edit Sherman Gardens Library Wedding

Incredible dance moves – not even sure what to call this…
Sherman Gardens Library Wedding Sherman Gardens Library Wedding Sherman Gardens Library Wedding
PE6A3819 PE6A3798-Edit_O2A1681-Edit_O2A1691-Edit LOVE that the bridesmaids got in the cake action
PE6A3975-EditSherman Gardens Library WeddingSherman Gardens Library Wedding Thanks to everyone at Sherman Gardens and all the great vendors for making this a GREAT night.

3:08 pm

2014 has been such a rad year for us… from Connecticut beach clubs to Arizona Orange Groves to San Diego wine country we’ve had some of our best weddings this year.  Soo many images to choose from, but here are a few of my personal favorites…  Can’t wait to bring in the new year with style from the back woods of Floyd VA!

Dana Point Harbor Bridals

 Salt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception  Salt Lake Grand American Wedding ReceptionSalt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception Salt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception

PE6A6968-Edit  PE6A7233-EditSalt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception Maderas Golf Club

Maderas Golf Club rancho bernardo inn WeddingBP3_6172 PE6A9811-Edit  South Coast Winery Wedding South Coast Winery WeddingSouth Coast Winery Wedding

1920140_10152463022212959_2619368907764023392_nTemecula South Coast Winery Photography PE6A0590PE6A1225 PE6A5795-Edit-Edit PE6A5228-Edit  San Diego LDS Temple Wedding PhotographyPE6A9981

PE6A2397 IMG_0650 LR0809-Edit

LR0452-Edit LR0304_pp

design_84444_spread_11_high LR0175 Reh2069 Reh2093   KA0288KA0150KA0493ka1299KA0941   PE6A4473-Edit PE6A4316-Edit  KR-1011-Edit PE6A4853-EditPE6A5061-EditKR-1306-Edit PE6A5592-EditKR-2396  PE6A5644-Edit PE6A4248-Edit PE6A4153-Edit PE6A3971 PE6A3272 PE6A3799 PE6A9600-Edit PE6A0636-Edit PE6A0571-Edit JCSlideshow0071-Edit JCSlideshow0032-Edit PE6A5288 JCSlideshow0002-Edit BM0526 BM0382-bw BM0264_pp BM0018_pp

10447037_10152549139372959_654727906591711790_n PE6A1508 AE0569-Edit AE0270-Edit PE6A9755-Edit-Edit PE6A9703-Edit PE6A9542-Edit PE6A8948-Edit PE6A8863-Edit PE6A8623-Edit PE6A8206


9:40 pm

We love us some Shane and Kissa!  They are fun, full of energy  and with Kissa’s infectious smile, Shane never stood a chance.  They both love volleyball so naturally it’s where they first met.   As opponents, their competitive sides got the better of them at this first chance meeting and it looked like this love was doomed to the penalty box…oh wait that’s hockey.   Volleyball, however, turned out to be their language of love and so began their story.  Kissa and Shane got married at the incredibly gorgeous Los Angeles Temple and we couldn’t be MORE THRILLED to share their images with you.333 KSSlideshow046 395 KSSlideshow059-EditBehold the infectious smile…
KSSlideshow047-EditThis could very well be the coolest wedding party we have ever worked with.  We fell instantly in love with some of the ladies incredible tattoo artwork!
KSSlideshow003 339 KSSlideshow010 032 KSSlideshow000 KSSlideshow035 349 If you don’t know what these are, then we just can’t talk to you…just kidding…but C’MON with the  T.M.N.T. throw back.  One word…RADKSSlideshow034 KSSlideshow019-Edit KSSlideshow021 066 263 Look carefully at these next two photo’s…can you spot the difference?  We will give you minute…289 KSSlideshow023 Give up???  Well… After 5 attempts at a cool jump shot with the groomsmen, the huge piece of granite broke in two.  Despite nailing the shot, as you can see, there is no definition for how HORRIBLE we felt.  I mean there really is NO WAY to feel except horrible when you break a picturesque stone that had been there since the 70’s.  Don’t worry we told some Los Angeles Temple workers immediately, I think we may have even cried a bit as we walked away, heads hanging in shame. KSSlideshow017 280We all looked a little something like this after “the jump”…
025 077 075 KSSlideshow006 081 KSSlideshow008 KSSlideshow009 This image speaks VOLUMES of the pure unadulterated JOY these two bring to each other.085 065 KSSlideshow011 089 088 105 110 116 093 299 KSSlideshow027 KSSlideshow024 249 377 368 365 358 331 329Remember that little “broken stone” moment… If there is a funny part to it, it’s that Shanes’ nickname is the Marvel Superhero THOR. Hmmm, could it have been his sheer brut superhero strength that broke it and not us after all…ummm yeah, we are going to go with that. KSSlideshow030 310 KSSlideshow038Let us take another moment to reflect on how RAD this party is!
325 252 KSSlideshow029 KSSlideshow013 The sunlight was just too perfect that day not to soak up every single second.  This is what happens when you combine a love beyond measure, two incredibly gorgeous humans and golden light so rich it would make a Swiss bank blush…seriously get a tissue!KSSlideshow058-Edit 379 413 411 426 450 432 425 448 463 456After our time at the Los Angeles Temple, we all headed over to Corona Del Mar to celebrate at the Oasis Community Center.421 KSSlideshow053We never tire of that look a new bride gives her man as she realizes he is hers and she is his forever…
549 556GOLD + CAKE = OMG!
774 We seriously died over how incredibly beautiful these rose gold rings are.  So classic and timeless it made us want to make some popcorn and watch old Audrey Hepburn movies.849 707 699 697 734 738 719 THOR’S hammer…maybe that should be a “stone” and not a football…790Could there be a cooler way to throw the garter?  WE.THINK.NOT.
830 837You know it’s a party when IRON MAN decides to show up in his helicopter.870 801 875It was such a wonderful day.  Kissa and Shane, you take our breath away.  Thank you for inviting BURNT EXPOSURE to be such an intimate part of your story and with that, let us leave you with this…

5:32 pm

My uber talented wife, Cathy, has a MAJOR soft spot for the singles of the world (I tell her it’s because she was single for so long she had to rob the cradle by marrying a younger man).

She will huff and puff and act insulted and then agree. Haha. Miss Puma.

Truth is, she’s just awesome and got offered a writing gigg for LDS Living Magazine. She wrote a feature story on LDS midsingles called, “The Midsingles Phenomenon” and it sat at their number one spot for most popular stories for over  a week. Yea, I always tell her I’m the lucky one. She pretends to deny it and then agrees. :)

For part of her research she went on location to a huge midsingles conference in Huntington Beach and asked me to work as her photographer. She worked me like a boss…literally :) and Burnt Exposure, with the help of Photographer Emily Knudsen, captured some great shots and was published on over 6 spreads in the issue.  Awesome work Emily!  Here’s the online version, but if you were at the conference and want to see if you made the photographic “cut”, you’ll have to grab a hard copy. I would anyway, it’s really interesting and the online version is only a snapshot.

Having that said, there were at least a hundred shots you might wanna check out if you were at the conference. Free download. Here is the link.  And if you can’t figure out how to download the images, go here

And look out for Cathy’s book on LDS midsingles…we’ll keep you posted when it hits the shelves.



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We took a chance on Chino Hills hoping to find some cool water features with the damn…  well no water, so we just drove around and trespassed into some cool places.  Taylor was down for anything and Chase just likes to break the law so it was a perfect combination.  Taylor and Chase have been friends since Sunday school and finally became high school sweethearts.  They have known each other for sooo long I feel like a newley-wed compared to them!   We had a blast together… can’t wait for the wedding in August!   PS… people wonder if I get any “classic” shots and the answer is of course i do, but I wanted to save some good images for them to use as invitations.




We struggled with the heel click…  good attempt though.










Sorry Chase…  This is so cheesy I had to post it! (completely against his will)