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5:32 pm

My uber talented wife, Cathy, has a MAJOR soft spot for the singles of the world (I tell her it’s because she was single for so long she had to rob the cradle by marrying a younger man).

She will huff and puff and act insulted and then agree. Haha. Miss Puma.

Truth is, she’s just awesome and got offered a writing gigg for LDS Living Magazine. She wrote a feature story on LDS midsingles called, “The Midsingles Phenomenon” and it sat at their number one spot for most popular stories for over  a week. Yea, I always tell her I’m the lucky one. She pretends to deny it and then agrees. :)

For part of her research she went on location to a huge midsingles conference in Huntington Beach and asked me to work as her photographer. She worked me like a boss…literally :) and Burnt Exposure, with the help of Photographer Emily Knudsen, captured some great shots and was published on over 6 spreads in the issue.  Awesome work Emily!  Here’s the online version, but if you were at the conference and want to see if you made the photographic “cut”, you’ll have to grab a hard copy. I would anyway, it’s really interesting and the online version is only a snapshot.

Having that said, there were at least a hundred shots you might wanna check out if you were at the conference. Free download. Here is the link.  And if you can’t figure out how to download the images, go here

And look out for Cathy’s book on LDS midsingles…we’ll keep you posted when it hits the shelves.