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3:08 pm

2014 has been such a rad year for us… from Connecticut beach clubs to Arizona Orange Groves to San Diego wine country we’ve had some of our best weddings this year.  Soo many images to choose from, but here are a few of my personal favorites…  Can’t wait to bring in the new year with style from the back woods of Floyd VA!

Dana Point Harbor Bridals

 Salt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception  Salt Lake Grand American Wedding ReceptionSalt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception Salt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception

PE6A6968-Edit  PE6A7233-EditSalt Lake Grand American Wedding Reception Maderas Golf Club

Maderas Golf Club rancho bernardo inn WeddingBP3_6172 PE6A9811-Edit  South Coast Winery Wedding South Coast Winery WeddingSouth Coast Winery Wedding

1920140_10152463022212959_2619368907764023392_nTemecula South Coast Winery Photography PE6A0590PE6A1225 PE6A5795-Edit-Edit PE6A5228-Edit  San Diego LDS Temple Wedding PhotographyPE6A9981

PE6A2397 IMG_0650 LR0809-Edit

LR0452-Edit LR0304_pp

design_84444_spread_11_high LR0175 Reh2069 Reh2093   KA0288KA0150KA0493ka1299KA0941   PE6A4473-Edit PE6A4316-Edit  KR-1011-Edit PE6A4853-EditPE6A5061-EditKR-1306-Edit PE6A5592-EditKR-2396  PE6A5644-Edit PE6A4248-Edit PE6A4153-Edit PE6A3971 PE6A3272 PE6A3799 PE6A9600-Edit PE6A0636-Edit PE6A0571-Edit JCSlideshow0071-Edit JCSlideshow0032-Edit PE6A5288 JCSlideshow0002-Edit BM0526 BM0382-bw BM0264_pp BM0018_pp

10447037_10152549139372959_654727906591711790_n PE6A1508 AE0569-Edit AE0270-Edit PE6A9755-Edit-Edit PE6A9703-Edit PE6A9542-Edit PE6A8948-Edit PE6A8863-Edit PE6A8623-Edit PE6A8206


11:55 am

The dictionary defines charming as, “pleasing and delightful.”  We define it as Lisa Ann and David.  They could quite possibly be the sweetest two people on the planet and Jason couldn’t be more STOKED that he got to capture every sugary detail!

[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_001 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_002 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_003

[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_004 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_005 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_006 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_007

Lisa Ann and David ended 2013 in THE BEST possible way, surrounded by the people they love the most, celebrating the love they  have for each other.  They were married 3 days after Christmas in Newport Beach at the gorgeous Newport Beach Temple.
[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_008 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_009 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_010 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_011 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_012

[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_013 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_014

Let us also add, CRAZY.GOOD.TIME. to their resume of AWESOMENESS
[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_015 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_016 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_017 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_018 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_019[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_020 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_021 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_022 These two seriously give us a TOOTHACHE…in the best way possible of course![BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_023 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_024 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_025 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_026 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_027 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_028 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_029 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_030 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_031 [BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_032

After the ceremony the new Mr. & Mrs. continued their intimate celebration at the enchanting Five Crowns restaurant in Corona Del Mar where we got this CRAZY AWESOME shot[BE}Newport_Beach_Ca_035

Have we mentioned it was a PERFECT day and we had an AMAZING time shooting their wedding.  Congratulations Lisa Ann & David, may your life be filled with all the sweetness you can handle…and then some!

10:43 pm

It’s sooo fun to shoot and hang out with a couple that is totally crazy for each other.  Their “love at first sight” story started when he first laid eyes on her walking towards him after church on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Riely, who by the way is responsible for all the wedding decorations for their incredible back yard wedding, is just oozing happiness all the time.  She is strong but gives Alex the pleasure of being her protector… I really felt that in the photos. From Engagements to the final exit I LOVED being a part of their love story. Hair and Makeup by my new friend, Dee from Swell Beauty (the classic, vintage style was a perfect fit to her wedding style).  ALWAYS a fun time working with the  talented and hilarious videographer Benni Ek.   I’ll put a bunch more on FB soon!

7:16 am

I hate catch up blogging, but sometimes the wedding season requires it.  What a summer and spring it’s been.  I dread posting all these shots until I get om my MAC at 11:00 at night and then I can’t stop.  There must be meetings out there for people with my problems.  well, this wedding will always stand out to me (mostly bc the ferris wheel) but the whole design and feel of the wedding was outstanding.  Huge props to Kirstin’s mom Rene` and their awesome floral designer…   Design By Aubrey.   I first met Kirstin while shooting her Srn pictures, which feels like last year.  Maybe i’ll slip one of those pics on here if she doesn’t kill me!   She grew up in San Clemente and met Steven at BYU.  He’s working his way to dental school and then they plan on settling down in AZ (why not San Clemente I have no idea!)  They were such a darling couple… can I say that?  From engagements to wedding, they had a great vintage flare and were willing to do ANYTHING for a good picture.  We found this old house in the woods with the roof falling in and decided to climb some fences (yes in the pink dress) to check it out.  It has become one of fav locations.   Sorry again about getting your car all muddy Kirstin…

Let’s start with my favorite shot of the day –

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3316



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3056Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2681-2



Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3076

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3232

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3270

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3450Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3481

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3490

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3492

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_3494


Now we get to the Bridal Pictures from Spring… Totally different processing…  Cool and Clean, but a little grungy –

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2162

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2194

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2203

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2236

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2289

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_2326

Man I love this shot…. Could be my fav bridal yet.

And for the Wedding!! Well, since i’m working on the wedding album, I want to wait to post some spreads from the album instead…  so here are a few teasers in the meantime!







You can see more images on my Burnt Exposure Facebook Page..  Try this link…


Oh and here is Kirstin and her mom when i did her Srn pictures back when i had no kids! Man they grow up fast.

NPimg_6091 copy

NPimg_5508 copy

6:27 am

Turns out I’m related to Amanda through Cathy, and now Rob and his awesome family, right?  Bring on the babysitters!   It was especially fun to have my own family invited as guests, and to see all my cousins from Cathy’s side.  Robbie’s house was a perfect place for a reception and everyone had a blast.   We decided to do a beach shoot in the morning to save time after the ceremony as it was a late in the afternoon.  I’m so glad we did as I Love the flexibility it gave us and I think we got some of my favorite shots in the morning light.






This is probably my favorite shot of the morning.


Look at the happily just married couple.








Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_5900-2 IMG_5881



Tofer met a little lady that night.  He led her behind the tables and gave her a some ripped up plant leaves.   That boy’s got good instincts.   Yes I am proud father.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_5921-2

This is why you don’t mess with a personal trainer.  If I wasn’t there, I would have thought for sure that was a right hook.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6172 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6175


I know rice kill birds and all, but what kinds of side effects come from jumbo sparklers?  I had to post this scene of chaos right before the Amanda and Robbie ran to the car.


We shot this ring shot with Brians amazingly sharp lens by taking a piece of paper and backlighting it with a slave flash.   I think it turned out nice.

Orange County Wedding Photography _DSC8259