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8:03 pm

Remember these two ADORABLE HUMANS…They are adding to their adorableness!TS162 TS013We were honored to shoot Taylor and Chase’s beautiful wedding a year and a half ago at the San Diego Temple.  Because they live outside of California, we were unable to schedule a time to do an anniversary shoot, so when they called and asked if we would shoot their SURPRISE baby announcement for their family, we squealed with girlish excitement.  We all met at the Santa Ana River for a session filled with perfect sunlight, sweet smiles and even some hooting and hollering of the passersby that were ALMOST as excited as we were.  Don’t worry, we waited (albeit IMPATIENTLY) for them to deliver the surprise before posting so we haven’t given anything away.TS159-Edit TS124-Edit TS023-Edit

How STINKIN.CUTE. are these signs that Taylor made?!?!?!

There is always something about the authentic love of childhood friends turned high school sweethearts that encapsulates each and every moment in the lives of those who are lucky enough to experience and Taylor and Chase are the very definition of that kind of love.   It goes without saying that their sweet baby will enter this world full of the same joy their mommy and daddy have for one another. TS074-Edit-bw TS049-Edit TS103-Edit TS042-Edit

Congratulations Taylor and Chase!  Thank you for romping around in the river with us!  We couldn’t be happier for your sweet growing family!

6:32 am

We took a chance on Chino Hills hoping to find some cool water features with the damn…  well no water, so we just drove around and trespassed into some cool places.  Taylor was down for anything and Chase just likes to break the law so it was a perfect combination.  Taylor and Chase have been friends since Sunday school and finally became high school sweethearts.  They have known each other for sooo long I feel like a newley-wed compared to them!   We had a blast together… can’t wait for the wedding in August!   PS… people wonder if I get any “classic” shots and the answer is of course i do, but I wanted to save some good images for them to use as invitations.




We struggled with the heel click…  good attempt though.










Sorry Chase…  This is so cheesy I had to post it! (completely against his will)








6:58 am

Heidi had no idea what she was getting into as we pulled off the road 10 minutes from my house.  I had just found this old abandoned house while shooting engagements (coming soon) with Kirstin and Steve and wanted to really contrast the beatiful dress with some grunge and dirt and see if we could get to see a new different side of Heidi.   Well we climbed fences, walked through the woods, and then over rusty nails and rotting floorboards (yes i fell through twice!) to capture this shot.  But man the exhilarating feeling of getting the image I saw in my minds eye  as I layed in bed that morning, was worth every risk.   I’m glad Heidi’s favorite is mine too since we took a TON of images.  I’ve noticed I like to go all out for bridal shoots and get some really fun images to show off the bride.  Def one of my favorite types of shoots that i don’t get to do all that often these days.   Thank you Heidi for being so willing to go outside your comfort zone.  You nailed it!   Thanks to My Splendid Sentiments for the killer bouquet as well and Heidie’s Maid of Honor for saving the dress on a few occastions, and helping out so much!  Hope you enjoy the images as much as I do.

OC Urban Bride Photography


IMG_4640 IMG_4632


IMG_4292 IMG_4408



And here we are making our way back out of the house.  Not recommended for any bride who values her dress!


6:08 am

It all started on a fine California winter morning.  The birds were chirping, bees were humming, and small children were gathering in our yard to see if Tofer could play.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6653

With 5 capable babysitters, we were ready to head to the Irvine Keiser Hospital

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9586

Mother Catherine, all suited up, waits for her inevitable fate…. Goodbye beautiful world

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9608

With barf bin in hand, she confronts the strengthening storm like a well seasoned sailor.  She’s rounded this Cape before

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9622

All of the sudden contractions are off the charts…. birth is eminent…  no tuning back now.   “Someone get the Dr!!”

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9626

30 minutes later lay the 9 lb bruised and mishapen son, who after 9 months of darkness can barely stand the heat lights.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9643

The first look  (dad’s got a cold)

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9670

The next morning Tofer and Grandma come to meet the prize.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9722

Not much of a prize for Tofer after all.  “It doesn’t even have wheels, and when i crash my cars into it, mom gets pretty mad.  ”

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9739

But He does make some funny faces

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_9754

And sleep  all day long

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0980

And sleep

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0989

And look around in between for possible attacks from his new brother

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1015

Although Dad couldn’t get the Nude baby Bohemian shot he was going for, you can image the joy his family must feel to have such a prize born, all on a fine winter day.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0962

3:35 am

Cheryl has been asking about doing some Trash the Dress shots for quite some time and although these aren’t the official ‘Trash” shots she did graciously show up early saterday morning for a quick photo shoot for my website to showcase “a morning with Kris.”  Shooting brides in their dresses is so much fun… maybe because you just have to let go of feeling insecure with everyone honking and giving thumbs up as they pass by.    Brett Hickman got some awsome footage of me shooting Cheryl that i’m hoping to use in a welcome to Burnt Exposure  video.   Can’t wait to see it.. if i ever pick a song to use in the background.  If anyone has any ideas… please share because I’m getting no-where.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0709-2

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0733

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0783

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0847

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0917

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0985

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1040

These two are my favs i think.   I love the mood.. the extremely soft side light was actually a flash through an umbrella

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1051

Sometimes a bride just needs to dance and flip her hair around  – I told cheryl to go out there and be free and i think she pulled it off quit well.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1115 copy

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1168

Here is Brett- He needed some new BIO pics for his website.   He shoots the most amazing real estate pics and rocks a 5D markII when he’s not behind the video camera at weddings.   The last shot was going to be my Bio pic but since I’m thinking with the movie he’s making for me, i won’t need it anymore. Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1372

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1411