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7:45 am

I probably should have stayed in CA during this wedding since my wife was not sure if she’d be buying me an emergency plan ticket home to help deliver our new baby.  She almost did buy me a ticket the night before the wedding, but it turned out to be the braxton hicks luckily.  oh and the baby was born all well.  I’ll post on that next.  So Jared and Mandy are a perfect match.  I know because I was Jared’s roomate for about 3 years in college.  An he is still the exact same person.  Love it.   We had a blast even though it was like 15 degrees out and Mandy was barely able to smile.  Great style – and the Salt Lake City Hardware building made for an amazing reception venue.  We took some pictures out in California after their engagement session, but I’ll have to post those later.



IMG_0604 IMG_0769







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11:55 pm

Who wouldn’t love a guy whose first name is H? I first met Mr. H Glenn Hatfield in high school and he quickly became a family favorite. When I got married to Kris (this is Cathy blogging today) he marched right up to him and said, “Welcome to the family!” And so to his new beautiful bride, I say the same, “Welcome to the family, LeAnn. We are so happy to have you!”

You can imagine how excited I was to get the call from Glenn, “We’ve been following Kris’s blog for months and would love for him to take our pictures.” Yay! You may even recognize these two. Glenn is a member of the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir and LeAnn is the Director of Internal Audit for the state of Utah. Not bad, eh?

It was a chilly and rainy day in Salt Lake City, UT but that didn’t keep it from being magical. The lighting was perfect. The Salt Lake City Temple was a majestic “backdrop” and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the PERFECT place for a Christmas wedding. Take a look below at a sneak peek of the day and see what I mean. Congrats guys, we sure love you.



IMG_9047 IMG_9019




IMG_9190 IMG_9168




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