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We are 3 individually published photographers who have teamed up to offer a truly unique experience for Brides with Style. (no doubt awesome brides can compensate for the guys). This is not your traditional Photography operation. From our unconventional shooting style, to our edgy lighting, to our ridiculous + high energy personalities, Your story will be BOLD BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Together we will make magic on your wedding day!!

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…with their permission, of course!  So many great shots from this SUPER fun shoot. Seriously, they were up for ANYTHING. Can’t wait to post the rest.


And I Love the way this shot worked out!    I feel like this should be the cover of the next Twilight or something.   We were going to hang a bunch of lanterns in the trees and do some dancing but then Aaron stuck a flash in the lantern and it was magic!   We started with a “lost in the woods” thing but when he pulled her in tight to keep her warm I knew we had what we were looking for with this Kiss.   Shooting these images really brings back the rush of passion I’m always seeking when shooting. I’m still on the high from it.  It’s like manna for the soul. Hope you enjoy!