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5:25 am

Well, this shoot has been a long time coming.  Olliviah had the distinct pleasure of being my first underwater bride… and she worked hard for it :).  After making some phone calls to the YMCA and apartment complexes around town, I found  the perfect heated pool right down the street –  My major concern was that a light would fall into the pool while shooting and kill the bride.  My next concern was that the radio transmitter wouldn’t fire my ailien bee lights.   Turns out the bride is alive but my camera couldn’t shoot deeper than 3 inches underwater… so I didn’t get the super fun and funky shots I would have from the bottom of the pool.  It was super hard to keep my head under the water for more than 3 seconds at a time with the wetsuit, and the bride and I kept drifting toward each other so i couldn’t get her in the frame.    Oh and what really made it tough were these 3 things…  I couldn’t focus underwater at night, even with the modeling lights on,  I couldn’t see out of the viewfinder at all with my cheap $100 water bag and fogged mask,  and I couldn’t’ change my lighting power without taking my camera out of the waterproof bag every time (such a pain) bc of my radio poppers JRX which overide the ailien power sliders.   So i just set it to look 2 stops overexposed out of water and took my chances.  The lighting worked well, but most of the images were ruined with the way the rough water surface affected the highlights and shadows on her face..  you need an underwater flash really or bounce all the light off the bottom of the pool or huge underwater bounce card :).  Well here are a few shots that I liked.  Olliviah, Thanks again for putting up with all the underwater hand signals and do over after do over since i cut off your head in half the shots.  You were awesome!!   And sorry about your dress’ zipper getting stuck in the freezing cold.  Glad you had that razor blade in the car…


Underwater Trash the Dress

Underwater Trash the Dress

Underwater Bridal

Underwater Trash the Dress Underwater Trash the Dress

Underwater Bridal

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Cheryl has been asking about doing some Trash the Dress shots for quite some time and although these aren’t the official ‘Trash” shots she did graciously show up early saterday morning for a quick photo shoot for my website to showcase “a morning with Kris.”  Shooting brides in their dresses is so much fun… maybe because you just have to let go of feeling insecure with everyone honking and giving thumbs up as they pass by.    Brett Hickman got some awsome footage of me shooting Cheryl that i’m hoping to use in a welcome to Burnt Exposure  video.   Can’t wait to see it.. if i ever pick a song to use in the background.  If anyone has any ideas… please share because I’m getting no-where.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0709-2

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0733

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0783

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0847

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0917

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_0985

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1040

These two are my favs i think.   I love the mood.. the extremely soft side light was actually a flash through an umbrella

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1051

Sometimes a bride just needs to dance and flip her hair around  – I told cheryl to go out there and be free and i think she pulled it off quit well.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1115 copy

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1168

Here is Brett- He needed some new BIO pics for his website.   He shoots the most amazing real estate pics and rocks a 5D markII when he’s not behind the video camera at weddings.   The last shot was going to be my Bio pic but since I’m thinking with the movie he’s making for me, i won’t need it anymore. Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1372

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_1411