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We are 3 individually published photographers who have teamed up to offer a truly unique experience for Brides with Style. (no doubt awesome brides can compensate for the guys). This is not your traditional Photography operation. From our unconventional shooting style, to our edgy lighting, to our ridiculous + high energy personalities, Your story will be BOLD BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Together we will make magic on your wedding day!!

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February 18, 2014

Meet Gemma and Christian…They make love look GOOD! CG069-EditCG006-Edit“Thank Heaven for meddling Parents and blind dates,” said Gemma to her “chance” meeting of Christian at a dinner party.  Did we mention that this “chance” meeting took place while Gemma was on vacation…C’MON!!! if that doesn’t make for that forever -n-ever kind of love, we.don’t.know.what does. Unfortunately Christian waited too long to call for that second date and Gemma was packed and ready to head back to California.  One would think that their love story would end here, especially since she didn’t want someone who had been in the military and he had no interest in blondes but Christian was HOOKED (I mean how could he not be, Gemma is GORGEOUS).  Within two months Christian made the move to California to win her over with his Texan manners and charm.  Win her over he did, although Gemma credits this mostly to his thick lustrous hair and we have to agree on this this point, seriously have you ever seen such locks?!?!?!  And so began a love that crossed miles and preferences and we couldn’t be more happy for this beautiful couple.
CG020-Edit CG048-Edit CG195-Edit CG074-Edit CG052-Edit CG103 CG136-Edit CG095-Edit CG188-Edit There is nothing sweeter than the way a man looks at the love of his life in those candid simple moments that true love often bringsCG220-Edit CG059-Edit CG158-Edit CG165-Edit CG180-Edit CG235-Edit

Could these two be anymore PERFECT?!?! We.Think.Not.
CG240-Edit CG251-Edit

We ended the session with a little bit of fire, water and a whole lot of love!
CG272-Edit CG283-EditThank you Gemma and Christian for adventuring around with us and letting us play with fire…so close to your heads…while standing in a lake…at night but most of all thank you for sharing your story with us, we can’t wait to capture the moments that begin your love as husband and wife.

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