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October 20, 2010

Turns out I’m related to Amanda through Cathy, and now Rob and his awesome family, right?  Bring on the babysitters!   It was especially fun to have my own family invited as guests, and to see all my cousins from Cathy’s side.  Robbie’s house was a perfect place for a reception and everyone had a blast.   We decided to do a beach shoot in the morning to save time after the ceremony as it was a late in the afternoon.  I’m so glad we did as I Love the flexibility it gave us and I think we got some of my favorite shots in the morning light.






This is probably my favorite shot of the morning.


Look at the happily just married couple.








Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_5900-2 IMG_5881



Tofer met a little lady that night.  He led her behind the tables and gave her a some ripped up plant leaves.   That boy’s got good instincts.   Yes I am proud father.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_5921-2

This is why you don’t mess with a personal trainer.  If I wasn’t there, I would have thought for sure that was a right hook.

Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6172 Orange County Wedding Photography IMG_6175


I know rice kill birds and all, but what kinds of side effects come from jumbo sparklers?  I had to post this scene of chaos right before the Amanda and Robbie ran to the car.


We shot this ring shot with Brians amazingly sharp lens by taking a piece of paper and backlighting it with a slave flash.   I think it turned out nice.

Orange County Wedding Photography _DSC8259

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